Wrongful Death Claims in Car Accidents

Wrongful Death Claims in Car Accidents

Every year, more people die from car accidents than from any accidents caused by all others means of transportations. There are several reasons for it:

  • Drivers are reckless

  • They are in a constant hurry

  • There are just too many cars on the roads

  • Distracted driving

The number of fatal car accident victims has significantly increased over the years. Listed below are the main key points of what you should do if you lose someone in a tragic car accident.

How It Came To Be

There are several things you have to determine in order to be sure that your loved one’s death can be the reason for a successful wrongful death claim:

  • Who was at fault and the one responsible for causing the accident – If the other party involved is the one who caused the accident, you are eligible to file a wrongful death claim.

  • Was the driver who caused the accident acting recklessly, distracted or showed any type of aggressive behavior on the road?

  • The only ones who can seek a wrongful death claim for a deceased family member are parents, spouse, siblings or children

Some states provide you with monetary compensation, while other states may offer both monetary and non-monetary benefits. Speak with wrongful death attorney in Los Angeles to find out what types of benefits are you eligible to receive, and if you like what you hear, let them help you start your case.

File a Death Claim

As mentioned above, the only ones who are eligible to file a claim are the closest family members of the deceased. In order to file a claim, you have to speak with a knowledgeable attorney, someone who knows the rules and regulations in your state. In this case, you can contact car accident attorney in Los Angeles, schedule a free initial consultation and learn everything about wrongful death claims and how to increase the amount you can receive.

The attorneys understand that money will never be able to replace your loved one, but it can help you cover for funeral expenses and provide your family with a bit of income that you have lost.

Main Causes of Fatal Car Accidents

According to the AAA (American Automobile Association), there are several leading causes of fatal car accidents:

  • Distracted Drivers

  • Teenagers behind the wheel

  • Driving under the influence

  • Fatigued drivers

  • Extreme weather conditions

  • Speeding

  • Car manufacturing defects

  • Elderly drivers

Even though many people feel safe behind the wheel, statistically speaking, the chances of getting involved in a car accident are higher than you think. Keep that in mind every time you feel like going for a drink with friends and not taking a cab but choosing to drive there instead.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding the wrongful death and car accidents in general, offices are open every day during business hours. Feel free to come by and get informed on your legal rights and learn more about wrongful death claim and how to file it.