Workplace Sexual Harassment – How to deal with it?

Workplace Sexual Harassment – How to deal with it?

One of the most recent issues that society started “working on” is sexual harassment at the workplace. It has been around forever, yet only in the past few years, it reached its climax.

Most of these victims are women, yet there are a few men among them.

Now since the majority of sexually harassed victims are women, the term “equality” really started to shape into something new. More of them started seeking justice, and the number of claims and personal lawsuits increased significantly.

Have you ever been a victim of sexual harassment at the workplace? Do you know how to deal with it and what to do in case you cannot take it anymore? Here are a few efficient ways to deal with it.

Talk To Someone

After receiving a lot of unwanted attention, one day you may simply say “I’m tired of this” and decide to do something about it. The first step is usually letting the person (or multiple of them) know that they have crossed the line and that you are not feeling comfortable anymore. Secondly, find someone to talk to. Start by approaching the head of your department, the HR, or your boss directly. Schedule an appointment, and explain your situation to them.

But what if your boss is the one who is sexually harassing you? In that case, you should immediately contact one of our Sexual Harassment Attorneys in Los Angeles and seek legal protection. Our attorneys will act as soon as possible, and ensure that your boss never mistreats you again.

After you schedule your free initial consultation, you will be given a chance to file a lawsuit against your employer. If you have any evidence or witnesses to help you prove your case, it would be wise to use them.

Set Clear Boundaries

Another thing you can do is let your coworkers know directly that you are engaged, married or simply not interested. The important thing is to set clear boundaries so that your other coworkers know that you are not interested in a relationship with any of them. It doesn’t matter whether you are a woman or a man, you need to let everyone around you know that you are there to work and work ONLY.

Now some people don’t really understand the body language or when being talked to indirectly. For this reasons, it is best that you remain direct without beating around the bush. Tell them (if they are being too pushy) to back off or you will have to report them for workplace harassment.

Unfortunately, some people won’t back off until treated. Contact your employer and seek help. If your employer is the one harassing you, you can always contact a Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Attorney and ask for help. Either way, you should know that you are not alone and that you have options. We will protect you from any type of workplace harassment, discrimination, mistreatment, and abuse. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you notice any such behavior or if it becomes too evident.