Why It’s Important To Hire a Defense Attorney Following an Incident?

Why It’s Important To Hire a Defense Attorney Following an Incident?

Many people facing criminal charges question whether or not they should hire a criminal defense attorney. And in the majority of cases, the biggest problem is money. Hiring an attorney is simply too expensive and for that reason, many individuals choose to get represented by a public attorney.
However, not hiring an attorney right away is a huge mistake. Some of the reasons why it is a mistake include:

  • Not getting immediate legal representation
  • Not investing in your future
  • Placing your face in the public defender’s hands
  • Not being able to react right away, thus reducing your chances of walking away as a free man

Here is why you should hire an experienced attorney right after an incident.

They Know “How It Works”

Most criminal attorneys had hundreds of criminal cases, and know exactly what to do when called. Even if they help you understand the situation you are in, you will still benefit from that conversation. Acquiring knowledge alone is a huge plus; however, getting an early legal representation could be the difference between spending the next few years in jail or staying home with your family. With that in mind, think about what is best for you, and act accordingly. And know that criminal attorneys in Pittsburgh are at your disposal, and one phone calls away. Phone them today and they will provide you with a step-by-step guide of the court proceedings for your criminal case. Schedule your initial consultation today.

Protect Your Future

The only person standing between you and prison bars is the judge, and the only one capable of winning your freedom is your attorney. An experienced attorney may be able to reduce your charges, lessen your penalties or get your case completely dismissed. By doing so, they will keep a felony off your criminal record, and protect your future and your career in the process. At the same time, they can help you save a lot of money. There are many different attorneys out there who will charge you differently for their services. And even by hiring an expensive attorney, you still win. Just imagine how many months of lost income you will lose if you lose your job or end up going to jail. Invest in your future now, and protect yourself from a financial strain of any kind.

Acting Right Away

If you hire an attorney right away, you have a higher chance of slowing your case down. Once you get in touch with Pittsburgh criminal attorneys at SMA Law Group and obtain their legal representation, they will file an initial claim and buy you some time. With this time, you will be able to gather evidence (along with attorneys) and help your case. Attorneys will also hire additional experts who will significantly benefit your case, and potentially help you dismiss all the claims against you.

Do not wait until it is too late. Act right away and protect your future, your finances, your life, and your career.