Why It is Important for Pedestrians to Understand Traffic Laws in Los Angeles?

Why It is Important for Pedestrians to Understand Traffic Laws in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is notorious for being one of the few cities with a large number of pedestrian and car accidents. Every week, there is at least one dead pedestrian and at least several fatally injured drivers.

These numbers suggest that it is extremely dangerous to be a pedestrian in Los Angeles. Those who enjoy walking or cannot afford a ride should know the basic rules and facts about the Traffic Laws in Los Angeles.

Here are a few things every pedestrian in California should know.

Jaywalking is Strictly Prohibited

One of the things that get most pedestrians in danger is definitely jaywalking. Most pedestrians do not understand just how dangerous it is to cross the street without walking over a marked crosswalk.

The city has invested millions of dollars in the infrastructure, and in marking the crosswalks all over the city. If you want to cross the street, do not risk your life by trying to cross wherever you like. Even when there are no cars around, if a police officer sees you jaywalking, you will be punished with a $250 fine.

However, if you get injured while crossing the street at a marked crosswalk, contact our Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorneys immediately. Our attorneys will help you sue the person responsible for injuring you, and do their best to help secure compensation for your injuries.

Californians CAN Cross The Street After The Countdown Timer Has Begun

Normally, people try and cross the street before the countdown timer begins. However, as of 2018, every Californian is allowed to start crossing the street when the time being, as long as they finish crossing by the time the timer has ended. If the time has ended and you are still slowly crossing the street, you are at the mercy of the oncoming drivers.

The Duty of Care

Every pedestrian in Los Angeles, according to the California Vehicle Code, has a duty of care (for their own safety). This means that they must at all times obey the traffic laws, signals and law enforcement officers directing traffic.

All pedestrians need to be aware of their surroundings and need to check both sides of the road before crossing, even while crossing at the marked crosswalks. It is their duty of care to avoid cars; that means that if you spot a car speeding and the red light is on, let the car pass. Do not get in the car’s way event even though you are at the crosswalk. You risk losing your life in the process.

If you are not in the marked crosswalk, you must yield to all the vehicles. All pedestrians are asked to use common sense and to protect themselves at all times.

If and when the accident occurs, if you have been injured, be sure to check in with our pedestrian accident lawyers in Los Angeles; schedule a free consultation and receive a free case evaluation, as well as legal guidance.