What Types of Mistakes are Made During Personal Injury Claims?

What Types of Mistakes are Made During Personal Injury Claims?

No matter what you heard about personal injury claims, never try and handle them alone. There are many common mistakes that you can make and as a result, lose your compensation.

The best thing you can do right after the accident is to contact a skilled personal injury attorney in Los Angeles and receive much-needed help in handling your case.

It is in human nature to make mistakes and learn from them. Here are the most common mistakes made during personal injury claims.

Failure To Contact The Police

Right after the accident, you may feel confused, stressed out and injured. This is the moment when most mistakes are made. If you can remain focused, you will have a greater chance of obtaining the compensation you deserve.

Do not (under any circumstances) forget to contact the police. Their report is the crucial evidence that will help you and your attorney build a strong case based on the report. Failure to contact the police will result in many negative consequences, and you will lack the most important evidence in your personal injury case.

Failure To Document Everything

Assuming that you contacted the police already, the next thing you should do while waiting for the police to arrive is to take pictures and videos of the accident. Use your smartphone and record the scene, damages to your vehicle and the injuries you sustained. If there are any witnesses on the scene, take their contact information and their statements. This is your moment to shine and be the journalist you ever wanted; ask those witnesses everything about what they have seen, and show the video to your attorney afterward.

Remember to also take pictures of the other vehicles involved, their license plate and car model, as well as the surrounding neighborhood as there may be a store or a parking lot with a video camera. Your attorney will be able to get the footage and use it to investigate the accident and prove negligence.

Neglecting Your Injuries

Refusing or not wanting to see a medical professional is another common mistake. Regardless of how you think you feel after the accident, it is important to see the doctor for the following reasons:

  • You may have a hidden injury
  • You may have internal bleeding
  • You may have sustained a brain damage
  • You need the doctor’s report as evidence that you sustained all these injuries from the accident, and not before it

Once you are checked and start undergoing proper treatments, you can use the medical bills and the doctor’s report to seek greater compensation and as evidence to be later presented in front of the judge, if the case does go to trial.

Don’t miss your doctor’s appointments, as the insurance company may use it against you and lower your claim. For any other information concerning the personal injury claims, consult with an injury attorney at the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg. Initial consultations are free of charge, and you are not required to pay for anything or hire attorneys after the consultation. Keep that in mind before giving a call.