What Is The Process To Get A Divorce In A Different State Than You Were Married?

What Is The Process To Get A Divorce In A Different State Than You Were Married?

If you and your spouse finally decided to move on, and believe that it is for the best, divorce is a viable option. But what if you are already separated and living apart? How do you file for divorce if one or both of you are living in different states? 

Luckily for both of you, this could work to your advantage. The laws and regulations are all similar, and depending on the jurisdiction in the state where you currently reside, you may end up getting divorced more quickly. 

For starters, contact our Salt Lake City Divorce Attorneys and hear a professional opinion. After carefully evaluating your situation, our attorneys will help kickstart your divorce, and help you obtain the most from it. 

The process of getting divorced in a different state is everything but complicated. Here are some steps that will help you finalize it in the shortest period possible.

Speak With Your Spouse

If you have children, you will not be allowed to take them with you to another state without your spouse’s consent or approval. If you two can come to terms with the children and their best interests, the divorce process will be a lot quicker and easier for both of you. Remember that threats and insults will only cause you both pain and suffering. Try to remain civil, and do what is best for everyone, including your children.

File For Divorce

Have you already established a residency? If so, you are able to file for divorce. Keep in mind that in some states, you are required to live there up to a year before you can file for divorce, petition custody or file a complaint. The process of divorce varies from one state to another, but the guidelines are usually the same. Be sure to have an attorney by your side to guide you through your divorce, as it is the only way of ensuring that you will get the most out of it.

Serve Your Spouse

Arrange to have your spouse served with divorce papers after you have filed for divorce. Be sure to provide your spouse with a copy of the petition. It is in your best interest to speak with your spouse before filing for divorce. Cases where one spouse filed for divorce without letting the other spouse know about it usually end up bad for everyone included and tend to last longer than intended. 

We understand that going through a divorce is never easy, but it is completely normal to want something else in your life and to be able to do it. That is why our Divorce Attorneys in Salt Lake City are there to help you finalize your divorce and move on with your life. 

On average, 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce. This is a fact, and the chances are that you could be next. Be prepared, and do things the right way to speed up the divorce process even when living in another state.