What Are The Safety Points For Pedestrians To Take Care?

What Are The Safety Points For Pedestrians To Take Care?

The number of pedestrian accidents has been on the rise recently. Over the past decade, more pedestrians have died and were injured by motor vehicles than ever before. 

Without a doubt, pedestrians belong to high high-risk groups on the road. The only way of staying safe is to use roads and infrastructure properly. 

Here are some safety points that will help keep all pedestrians safe.

Simple Actions

Certain actions will help keep all pedestrians safe. These actions include:

  • Walking with care
  • Being fully aware of your surroundings
  • Always looking towards the oncoming traffic
  • Never assume that the driver has seen you
  • Always looking both left and right before crossing the road
  • Crossing the street only at crosswalks (the white painted lines)
  • Obeying the traffic signals
  • Stopping before crossing the street
  • Wearing bright clothing (it may be hard for a driver to spot you, especially if you are wearing darker colors. If you are walking in the areas with little to no light, be sure to wear clothes that reflect lights)
  • Staying on the lookout for turning traffic (Keeping eye contact with the driver is important. Watch for right turns on the red light)
  • Holding your children by the hands whenever you are close to the crosswalk
  • Using the sidewalk for morning or afternoon runs
  • Avoiding crossing the roads between parked cars

These simple actions will help keep you safe on the road. However, they do not guarantee that you will not get hit by a motor vehicle. They only increase your safety. If you do get hit by a motor vehicle, be sure to call pedestrian accident attorneys in Los Angeles right away. Their expertise and knowledge will be put to good use, and before you know it, you will receive compensation for your injuries. 

Teach Your Children

The right way of conveying the knowledge to your children will help protect them from an unwanted accident. Teach your children to look at their left and right several times before crossing the street, and never to run across the street. 

Most children panic when they see a car approaching. Some will immediately run across the street, while others may freeze in place and risk getting hit by the vehicle. Sadly, almost 35 percent of all pedestrians hit by motor vehicles are children.

Do Not Walk Around Drunk

Alcohol will impair all your senses, and make you vulnerable to many different things, including accidents. If you drink and decide to go for a walk, even though it may seem like a good idea to “clear your thoughts”, it is not. The worst part is: if you get hit by a motor vehicle while intoxicated, you could be held responsible for the accident.

If the accident does happen, regardless of who caused it, phone our attorneys and let them investigate the accident to determine who is at fault. In the meantime, focus on your recovery and your general wellbeing.