What Are My Rights When I am Involved In Commercial Truck accident?

What Are My Rights When I am Involved In Commercial Truck accident?

Assuming that you have been involved in a commercial truck accident, there are several things that you need to know:

  • If you got hit by a truck, you may be a victim eligible for a compensation
  • Even if you were driving a truck, you may not be responsible for causing the accident

Depending on where you were in the time of the accident (driving a truck, driving another vehicle, walking down the street, cycling), you may have different rights. However, there are some things that all of these situations have in common. And that is the right to seek compensation if you were a victim in the accident. Pittsburgh truck accident attorney advises you to do the following immediately after the accident.

Call 911

By default, the first thing that you should always do upon being in an accident is to call 911. Tell the operator that it is an emergency, that the accident happened and that there are injured individuals. That way, the police will arrive, but so will the ambulance.

Once the police arrive, be sure to tell them (if you are able to) what happened, how the accident came to be and everything else that you remember. Once you are done talking with the police, let the ambulance take you to the hospital and help you with your injuries.

By calling 911, you not only ensure that the police will arrive at the scene, but that they will also craft a police report which you can later use in your advantage when filing a claim with your attorney. You will also be able to get a copy of the doctor’s report once you are checked for injuries in the hospital.

Contact Your Attorney

Do you have an attorney on speed dial? If not be sure to check in with truck accident attorney in Pittsburgh. Schedule your free consultation as soon as you are able to and tell them what happened. You may be eligible to receive compensation for your damages, including:

  • Your lost wages and earning potential
  • Your medical costs (present and the future ones)
  • Your pain and suffering
  • Your property damage (car/vehicle repairs)

You have the legal right to seek representation, and defend your best interests. If you get approached by the insurance adjusters, it is best that you do not say anything until your attorney arrives. Feel free to avoid the negotiations and everything that they insurance adjusters say until your attorney tells you what to do. Let the pros handle the negotiations, and in the meantime, you can and should focus on your full recovery.

If there is a way to secure your compensation, attorneys will do it in a timely manner. But for the time being and until you receive the compensation (could be more than 12 months), you should focus on your full recovery and taking care of your family, as well as leaving this tragic event behind you.