Virginia DUI Penalties

Virginia DUI Penalties

Getting a DUI conviction in Virginia can cost you more than you realize. Outside of court fees, you could potentially be looking at getting your license taken away or even jail time. If you find yourself in such a situation, you need a team of legal professionals who can defend you and make sure you get through this rough patch as seamlessly as possible. The Randall Page, P.C. has some of the best DUI defense attorneys in Virginia. We represent every client with compassion and conviction.

First DUI Offense in Virginia

If you are a first-time DUI offender in Virginia, it most likely will be classified as a Class B misdemeanor. The maximum jail sentence (if any) is only six months. However, judges rarely impose a six-month sentence on a first-time offender. A good DUI defense attorney can get you off with no jail time at all. Our attorneys at Randall Page, P.C. have seen their share of cases and we have an excellent track record of success.

But, there are some mandatory jail sentences for DUIs in Virginia. According to the statute, the Judge must sentence you to a minimum of 48 hours in jail or community service. There is simply no getting around it. Most judges opt for community service for first-time offenders because of the nature of the offense, especially if jail cells are overpopulated already.

A Class B misdemeanor also carries a maximum fine of $1,000 plus a surcharge. The mandatory minimum fine for a first offense, class B misdemeanor DUI is $700 and with the surcharge, your fine will probably cost you about $1,400.

Second DUI Offense in Virginia

Penalties increase severely for a second-offense driving under the influence charge. The mandatory minimum fine jumps to $800, and the mandatory minimum jail time is now 10 days! Judges are also less likely to give drivers community service in place of jail time for second offenses. Getting caught a second time means you need a legal professional like myself, Jack T. Randall, to represent you. As a DUI defense attorney in Virginia, I have what it takes to put you in the best possible position for success. Before you do anything, give my office a call. Let me help you through this process.

Third DUI Offense in Virginia

In Virginia, a third offense DUI is a felony and comes with a penalty of up to 5 years in prison. If you are charged with a third offense, felony DUI, you need me to represent you. My track record and home-court advantage in the courtroom make me your secret weapon in your DUI defense case. As your attorney, I know how to negotiate plea bargains, which could reduce your felony DUI charge to a Class A misdemeanor. Every case is different, so once we speak, we can devise a plan of attack and get your life back on track. Contact our office today, and be represented by one of the premier DUI defense attorneys in Virginia.