Some Tips to Share the Highway with Long-Haul Trucks

Some Tips to Share the Highway with Long-Haul Trucks

Long-haul trucks are a part of every road. These huge trucks are normally carrying up to 25 tons of payload. This means that they require more time to speed up, slow down and come to a complete stop.

As a car driver, you should be aware of these trucks on the road, and always be cautious when driving around or near them. If you are in need of additional safety tips, here are the best ones that you can get for sharing the road with long-haul trucks.

Get Out Of Their Blind Spots

Every vehicle has a few blind spots. Long-haul trucks have a lot due to their size and nature. If you get in one of those blind spots, the chances are that you will get pushed off the road or smashed.

Every year, thousands of people are injured in accidents involving long-haul trucks. Those who survive are considered extremely lucky. In order to get out of a truck’s blind spot, you have to leave a lot of space between your car and the truck. Getting to close to the truck from behind or driving in front of the bumper will prevent the driver from seeing you at all time.

Salt Lake City Truck Accident Attorney suggest that you always keep a safe distance and give the truck enough space on the road. It is the only safe technique that will prevent you from getting involved in a truck accident.

Triple Check the Truck’s Length Before Overtaking

Before you commit to overtaking the truck in front of you, be sure to check its size and give yourself enough time to overtake it. All trucks are on the clock, and they will keep their speed whenever possible. This means that in order to overtake them, you have to gain additional speed, but also have enough space on the road and enough time to overtake the truck. Always stay on the lookout for the upcoming vehicles, and only once you make sure that the coast is clear, push the pedal.

Give Them Space

When turning, these abnormally large vehicles will require all the space that the road has to offer. That usually involves both lanes. Long-haul tracks have a huge turning circle, meaning that the trailer wheels will end up crossing both lanes. If you see the truck starting to turn in front of you, or if you are behind the truck, slow down, wait for it to complete turning before overtaking it.

Never Cut Off a Truck

If you are in a rush and want to cut off a truck, think twice. The chances are that you will startle the driver, who will then start swinging the wheel left and right trying to maintain control. This is where most accidents occur; the trailers may jackknife and the entire truck may flip over, causing millions of dollars of damage. At that point, no one on the road in close vicinity is safe.

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