Tips for Preventing Distracted Driving

Tips for Preventing Distracted Driving

Being a driver has a lot of responsibilities. It is not only your life that is at stake while traveling down the road but the life of others as well. Your mistakes may lead to an accident in which someone else may lose their life, or end up with a life-changing injury.

Did you know that distracted drivers are responsible for 6 out of 10 car accidents in California?

If you find yourself on the road again, use these tips to help you focus.

Keep your Eyes on the Road

You have to look in front of you at all times. No matter what is going on in the car, if the baby is screaming, if the phone is ringing, or if another passenger is talking to you, you have to keep your eyes on the road. If you are engaged in conversation, nod as a sign that you understood, but don’t look away towards the person talking to you. You should only focus on the road ahead of you, the other cars around you and the speed limit and other signs along the way.

Finish Dressing and Grooming at Home

Another common mistake most people do is tend to their hair or beard while driving. This can be a huge distraction, as you will focus on your hair and not on what is going on around you. If going down the speed lane at 60 mph, you would be required to firmly hold the steering wheel in order to prevent any potential accident from happening. Letting go of the wheel, even with one hand, may cost you your life in case you have to turn instantly. Remember to finish all your personal grooming at home and before you get on the road.

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Don’t Commit to Other Activities

While driving, you may be required to commit to other activities. The best thing to do is find a place to pull over, finish what you have to do (drink water, give your child something to eat, replace your baby’s diapers, call your mother, schedule a meeting, check your email) and continue driving. Make sure you have zero distractions while on the road to ensure the full safety of everyone inside your vehicle, as well as everyone around you.

Adjust your GPS and Playlist Before you Go

Another common distraction is the music player. Switching songs on the radio or your mp3 player while driving is extremely dangerous, as you won’t be focused on the road, and you won’t see cars coming behind you or from the side. Instead, adjust everything before you depart. Set up your GPS to guide you to your target destination, adjust the playlist and have everything checked before you start the engine.

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