Steps to Filing a Wrongful Termination in Los Angeles

Steps to Filing a Wrongful Termination in Los Angeles

As every employee in California, you know the risks of being an “at-will” employee. Since there are the majority of employees without a proper contract, many employers tend to replace their employees whenever they want and for whatever reasons.

Did you know that 2 out of 5 firings in California involve mistreatment, discrimination or retaliation? If you were a mistreatment or harassment at work, you have every right to receive compensation. Here are the steps you need to complete in order to file a wrongful termination claim.

Document Your Case

To start with, you should organize all the documents and records of your employment. If you had a work diary, make a copy of it. Make a copy of all correspondence with your employer. If he/she refuses to provide you with copies of email, or restricts access to your prior work desk, speak with our Wrongful Termination Attorneys in Los Angeles. They will use the law and “force” your employer into giving you access to your work emails.

Collect all other documents, such as a request for a medical leave, surgery, request for promotion, and copy any handbook provided by your employer. You never know what evidence may save your case.

Establish Whether or Not You Were Terminated For The Wrong Reasons

Once you have everything organized and collected, the next step is proving that you were actually wrongfully terminated. This may be harder than you think, and you are definitely going to need professional help. For starters, seek help from a professional Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Attorneys. Schedule a free initial consultation, ask questions and receive answers.

Once hired, an attorney will help you with your documents and confirm whether or not you have a claim at hand. They will “connect all the dots” and build you a case based on the evidence collected and provided.

Make sure to interview a few attorneys before choosing the right one, as the difference in their experience can be the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful case.

Speak With Your Co-Workers

Were there any witnesses of you being mistreated or abused at your workplace? Get in touch with them, and ask for their testimony. Make sure to tell them that they will be safe from any type of retaliation from their employer. Every witnesse can turn the case in your favor, as long as the information is valid and can be confirmed.

File a Claim and Wait for the Results

The final step is filling the claim with your attorney. Keep in mind that the process is slow, as all the evidence from both sides has to be taken into consideration. If you and your employer cannot settle down, the wait time will prologue and the case may last up to 2 years.

Prepare yourself both emotionally and physically, as it will be both stressful and exhausting. Don’t give up on fighting for what is legally owed to you. You have rights, and our job is to help protect them. Give us a call today, and let us help you with your wrongful termination claim.