How Social Media Can Impact Your Personal Injury Claim

How Social Media Can Impact Your Personal Injury Claim

Social media has a huge impact on our lives. Majority of the population has a profile on at least one of the major social websites; it is a place where they post their thoughts, pictures, and videos. However, in certain situations, posting something on your social media can cause you more problems than you could think. One such situation is after you have been involved in car accident.

But why is it important not to post anything on your social media after an accident, and how can a post affect the outcome of your personal injury claim?

Everything You Say Will Be Used Against You

Let us say that you had an accident and ended up with a serious physical injury. You will seek compensation for your economical and noneconomical expenses. In other words, you will seek compensation for the damages done to you and your vehicle and compensation for your medical costs.

But what happens if you post a picture on your social media, or write a post about what you did today? If you received an injury and post on Facebook that you are “feeling well” or tell your friends and family “not to worry” because “everything is okay”, the court may use that information against you and decline your claim because apparently, you are feeling well.

Another common situation is the following – you are suing for emotional distress, you have to be extremely careful about what you say or post on social media. Any picture of you looking happy, content or in a good mood may lead to an unsuccessful claim. You may not think of it, but the social media can be detrimental to your personal injury claim.

Before you file your personal injury claim, contact one of our Personal Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles and let them help you evaluate your case’s full worth. It is important to know what to expect in every situation and to be aware of how much your case is truly worth.

Social Media Posts Are Public Records

Unfortunately, everything you post on social media can be accessed and seen and used as evidence against you. The only exception is your private messages, however, with a warrant or consent, even that can be accessed. Now imagine someone digging through your personal data and correspondence for evidence against your personal injury claim. That is what happens in reality, and what will happen to you if you post anything on your social media after your accident.

Avoid Social Media After An Accident

The safest bet is to simply stay away from posting anything on social media. Ask your friends to avoid tagging you or talking about you in their public posts. Simply become a “ghost”, turn off your profile for the time being and wait for your claim to settle before going back to posting on social media.

For any additional information, speak with our kind and experienced Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys. They will gladly offer their assistance, provide you with legal guidance and help you with your claim.