Social Media Can Affect My Workers Compensation Claim?

Social Media Can Affect My Workers Compensation Claim?

After sustaining an injury at work, you become eligible to file for workers’ compensation. If approved, you will receive several different benefits that will help you get back on your feet and help you with the medical bills.

However, what if you are in the process of getting your workers’ compensation, and all of a sudden, one of your social media posts turns the tides? What if you are denied your workers compensation solely due to something you have said or posted on social media? Is such a thing even possible?

Here is how social media are related to your injury, and how they can be taken against you.

You are Being Watched

One thing you need to know is that once you post something on a social media page, it is out there for the world to see. This involves the court and the insurance company that will be responsible for providing you with the compensation. If you are caught doing something unusual for your case, you could lose your benefits immediately. These actions involve:

  • Exercising
  • Traveling
  • Contact sports
  • Jumping or lifting heavy objects
  • Making large purchases
  • Starting a new business

In case you do make a post about anything of the above-listed, and the insurance company contacts you, telling you that your claim has been denied, your only option is to seek counsel from one of our Workers Compensation Attorneys in Los Angeles. All initial consultations are free, and you have no obligation to hire our attorneys afterward. Also, you should know that all of our attorneys work on contingency – if your case is not successful, you will not be charged for the attorney’s fees. With nothing to lose, why not give our attorneys a call as soon as you are injured, to prevent any additional complications and to receive proper guidance?

Pros Advise Discretion

If you speak with any legal professional, you will be advised to watch what you share on social media platforms. This involves your pictures, videos, statuses and getting tagged in any of them by someone else. The best advice anyone will give you is to stay off the social media until you are fully recovered and until your work comp claim has been approved and finalized. If you cannot prevent yourself from entering the social media websites, then at least try and don’t post anything. Limit yourself to browsing and scrolling only. Or risk losing your well-deserved benefits.

You Are Being Watched!

As long as the process is not finished, be aware that investigators are constantly watching and following you and your actions. Since the prices of hiring a private investigator have decreased significantly in the past several years, be assured that the insurance company may hire someone to check on you in order to confirm the validity of your injury and condition.

If caught on camera while doing something that may prove that your injury is fake or not that serious, you will have a hard time winning your benefits. Consult with Workers Compensation Attorneys in Los Angeles and find out how you can protect yourself ahead of time. We will be expecting your call.