Should self-driving cars save passengers or pedestrians?

Should self-driving cars save passengers or pedestrians?

Imagine a scenario where you and your best friend are cruising around in a self-driving car, and two pedestrians leap into a crosswalk in front of your car. At this point, you are worried whether or not your car will stop or collide with the pedestrians. What if your car has only two options:

  • Running over pedestrians
  • Crushing into a concrete barrier

What do you think your car should do? Should it save you and your passenger or the pedestrians?

This has been the most complicated question lately, with the appearance of self-driving cars. Many companies are trying to figure out the right response to this question and to modify their self-driving cars to do the right thing in these situations.

The Science Behind It

After testing their AIs and human behaviour, the scientists have come to a conclusion:

  • It is in human nature to prioritize human lives over anima lives
  • People will always save more lives over fewer
  • People will prioritize young people over old ones

With that in mind, the programming of self-driving cars has evolved. Nowadays, artificial intelligence (AI) is programmed to avoid a collision at all cost, but with a few side priorities:

  • If possible, avoid a collision with pedestrians
  • If possible, avoid putting the driver in danger
  • If possible, avoid hurting an animal

These important rules are what every new self-driving car has set as their priority while driving. Do you agree with them? Would you do something differently?

Who to Blame?

In case of an accident with a self-driving car, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the car manufacturer, the driver inside the vehicle or the company that maintains the vehicles prior to them being released for public purchases.

The only way to find out your legal options is to speak with Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorneys right away. Call JML Law, A Professional Law Corporation and schedule your free consultation right away.

If there is a way to seek compensation for your injuries, attorneys will gladly help you secure it.


Many companies try and program their vehicles to “warn the driver” multiple times ahead of the potential danger. These warnings serve to let the driver know that he/she should take the wheel right away. Upon taking the wheel, the driver will react and potentially avoid a collision that the self-driving car could not have avoided. Failing to react these warning signs could cost you the ultimate price.

Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles from JML Law, A Professional Law Corporation advise everyone who is about to purchase a self-driving car to do the research before purchasing a vehicle. As luxurious as it may sound, it comes with a set of “problems”, which can be solved by occasionally grabbing the wheel to avoid an accident.

To sum things up, self-driving cars should save passengers, but also pedestrians. They have to be perfected to the point where they can recognize and avoid a collision, and only then will we be able to say for sure that self-driving cars are indeed safe.