Salt Lake City Man Accused of Internet Sex Crime

Salt Lake City Man Accused of Internet Sex Crime

The Internet has made the world a much smaller place. While it can open doors to new opportunities, the Internet can also present many dangers–particularly for children. Recently, 31-year-old Brandon Adams of Salt Lake City was arrested for attempting to negotiate with a man online to have sex with his 13-year-old daughter. Adams now faces two second-degree felony charges of sexual exploitation of a minor and another second-degree charge of enticing a minor over the Internet.

Back January 11, Adams began having regular online conversations with a person he thought was a grown man offering his daughter for sex. Adams eventually obtained contact information for the 13-year-old girl from the person whom he believed was the child’s father. In reality, the girl and the father were actually undercover agents for the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. According to arrest reports, Adams made repeated requests to the girl for nude photos. Adams made arrangements to meet the girl and her father at an undisclosed location in northern Utah County to have sex. Police officers arrested Adams at the scene. After the arrest, Adams denied he was going to have sex with the girl. He admitted to having sexual conversations with the girl and arranged a meeting. Adams claims he intended to report the meeting with the police. Adam’s phone was also filled with images of adolescent children.

Questionable Police Practices

Brandon Adams is facing serious charges that could land him behind bars for very good portion of his adult life. But it is also important to understand he is innocent until proven guilty. Utah has some of the strictest penalties for those charged with juvenile sex crimes. But there are also many people throughout the state that have been arrested wrongly for Internet sex crimes. In some cases, police officers have used very questionable methods to lure and entrap people through adult dating sites. Back in 2014, USA Today uncovered a similar scheme used by police in Bartow, FL. When men responded to ads they thought belonged to adult women, police would use bait and switch tactics to indicate they were teenage girls. The unsuspecting person would then engage in chats with the undercover officer pretending to be a minor.

The trend of undercover stings increased with the popularity of NBC’s “To Catch A Predator” series hosted by Chris Hansen. The series showed how undercover police officers posed as children online to lure suspected sexual predators. While the program exposed the dangers children face online, it also gave rise to abusive tactics by law enforcement authorities.

Internet Crimes Against Children stings are not cheap. These operations cost between tens of thousands of dollars to more than $100,0000. Those figures do not include the prosecution of suspects and the incarceration of convicts.

A Salt Lake City Sex Crimes Attorney Can Help

Sex crime charges not only carry harsh penalties, they can also permanently ruin a person’s reputation. It is vital to fight these charges as aggressively and quickly as possible. Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney Joseph Jardine understands the serious nature of Internet sex crime charges. He and his legal team are committed to protecting the rights of each client to ensure they receive a fair trial. Over the years, he has successfully defending many men and women accused of sex crimes in Utah. If you or someone you know has been charged with an Internet sex crime, contact the Jardine Law Offices P.C. and schedule a consultation to discuss your case.