Safety tips for using cell phones while driving

Safety tips for using cell phones while driving

Every day, the majority of people spend at least 1 hour driving (commuting to and from work). During that time, some people try to make a few phone calls. These usually involve:

  • Work calls
  • Calling your children
  • Calling your parents
  • Calling your spouse
  • Scheduling an appointment
  • Making a lunch reservation

However, making a phone call while driving is not the best option, as it takes your focus away from you, which can easily lead to an accident. Here are some safety tips for using your cell phone that will help you drive safely and be able to use your phone at the same time.

Know Your Device

It is important to learn more about your smartphone device. This includes doing a research on its specifications, or simply going through it and finding out what it can do. Once you learn everything that your phone can do, you will find a way to make a call without having to hold your phone with one hand, leaving both hands free to steer the vehicle during your commute to and from work.

Another thing you can do is memorizing your phone’s speed dial so that you don’t have to take your eyes off the road while driving. This is not the safest option, but it may help you in many different situations.

Hands-Free Device

To make things a lot easier, simply purchase one of the many hands-free accessories that are available for your phone. Simply attach it to your phone, and speak without having to use your hands. That way, you will be able to focus on driving and speak with your children at the same time.

Remember that the safest option is to talk while the vehicle is completely parked. That way, there is absolutely no chance of causing an accident, unless your vehicle is parked in the middle of the road. If you use a hands-free device and find yourself in a car accident, Car Accident Attorneys in Pittsburgh may be able to help you. Don’t hesitate to give us a call right after the accident.

No Stressful Conversations

The most important thing that you need to memorize is that every conversation via your smartphone while driving increases the risk of causing (or getting involved) in a car accident. Even if you do it every day, it doesn’t make it safe.

Some phone calls can be extremely stressful or emotional, taking your eyes off the road and causing you to lack focus. This is where most mistakes happen. When your focus level drops, the chances of getting in accidents rise. For that reason, avoid any complicated conversations that may induce stress, at least while you are driving (or about to drive).

The best way to remain safe is not to use your cell phone at all while driving. If you end up in a car accident, call Pittsburgh Car Accident Attorney and seek legal assistance. You may be entitled to receive a compensation for your injuries and damage to your vehicle. Call today and find out.