How to Represent Yourself Legally after being Wrongfully Terminated?

How to Represent Yourself Legally after being Wrongfully Terminated?

It happens quite often when a person cannot offer a legal representation. In these situations, it is important to remain confident and do a lot of researching. Dealing with legal issues is not a simple thing, as there are many complicated and confusing aspects of every trial.

Consult with DFEH

Department of Fair Employment and Housing in California is responsible for enforcing California’s civil rights laws. If you believe that you were wrongfully terminated, discriminated or mistreated at work, you have a full right to complain and receive their help. As long as you provide them with any sort of evidence to support your case, they will come to your aid.

Additionally, if you have no supporting evidence, they may investigate on your behalf. Make sure to be persistent, and provide them with all the documents they require to help them with their investigation. They should be the first one you call before continuing with the trial. They can help you with a complaint, as well as provide you with the right to sue under their protection.

Schedule a Free Consultation

If you are completely sure that you cannot afford an attorney, perhaps you should start by giving one a call. If you call our offices, know that we offer everyone a free initial consultation followed by a free case evaluation. Our Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Attorneys may offer to work on contingency, meaning that you won’t be charged anything until the case is won in your favor. Additionally, you won’t be charged for any attorney’s fees if your case is lost. With this in mind, perhaps you should consider taking a free consultation before proceeding to court.

Gather your Evidence

The most important thing with every wrongful termination case is to gather enough evidence to support your version of the story. If anything can back you up, whether it is a text message, a social media post or a message on your desk, you can use it as a supporting evidence towards your case. Also, speak with your coworkers and see if any of them can corroborate your version of the story. It is important to provide evidence, as the entire case is pretty much “your word against his”. Organize your evidence, and find a way to prove that your boss was unlawful and unfair.

Be Accurate and Specific

Finally, make sure you are accurate and include every single detail. Be specific when naming people, dates, places and other important things. Our Wrongful Termination Attorneys would advise you to write a short description, a statement of the event. Again, remember to be precise and instead of an essay, write a few sentences. When you are done with organizing and providing evidence, submit your complaint to DFEH.