Why Older Women Lose Weight After Divorce

Why Older Women Lose Weight After Divorce

There are many myths about divorce. Among the most common is that women tend to gain weight after a marriage comes to an end. But that is not always true.  Divorce affects different people in almost equally different ways. Researchers from the University of Arizona have discovered a noticeable trend. According to a the UA study conducted by the National Women’s Health Initiative, postmenopausal women are more likely to experience weight loss after divorce compared to their younger counterparts. The results of the study will appear in Journal of Women’s Health. Contrary to popular belief, divorce does not necessarily lead to depression or weight gain.

In many ways, divorce has led to more positive behavior, particularly among older women. The data compiled by the National Women’s Health Initiative examined women between the ages of 50 and 79 during a 3-year period. The women were divided into three different categories.

  • Married women who eventually went through separation and divorce
  • Single women who eventually got married or were in a common law marriage spanning for at least three years
  • Women whose marital status was unchanged for a 3 year period.

During the study, researchers carefully monitored many of the most important factors that contribute to changes in weight and overall health, including weight, blood pressure and waist size. The women in the study were also monitored on their alcohol consumption, smoking, diet and level of exercise. When the study began, all of the unmarried women experienced some level weight gain during the 3-year period. Those who later got married put on a few more pounds than those who remained single.

The Correlation Between Exercise and Divorce

Researchers also discovered a decrease in blood pressure among unmarried women compared to those who went from single to married. The results also revealed single women tend to consume less alcohol. However, there was a greater difference in the level of exercise between women who remained married and those who got divorced. Married women gained an average of 2 pounds and also saw increases in their waistline. The women who got divorced experienced greater weight loss. Although the level of alcohol consumption was relatively the same for both groups, divorce women tended to engage in more physical activity.

Divorce & Healthier Habits

Regardless of your age or gender, divorce for forces everyone to make adjustments. For older women who have spent a major portion of their lives with the same partner, it can initially come as a shock to the system. Many must find jobs and make major changes to their in the lifestyle. But it can also bring many positive changes. Far too many have spent more than 20 years in an unhappy marriage. In these circumstances, divorce can often bring a sense of freedom and liberation. When the children are grown, there are fewer home responsibilities. Older women now have the time to pursue other interests.

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