NBA Star Steve Nash Custody Settlement with Alejandra Amarilla

NBA Star Steve Nash Custody Settlement with Alejandra Amarilla

Many couples have a hard time reaching an agreement after and during a divorce. It is an exhausting process, one that usually takes a lot of time to settle. One such case was between the NBA star Steve Nash and his ex-wife Alejandra Amarilla back in 2010. Here is what happened and why this case is a textbook example of a long and exhausting divorce, with many complications.

Back in 2010, Steve was playing for Phoenix Suns and had a great basketball career. He was successful in both the court and in his everyday life. He contributed so much to various philanthropic causes that the Time magazine named him one of the top 100 influential people in the world.

However, things started becoming hard for Steve when he and his wife filed for divorce in November 2010. It took the case 3 lengthy years to finally settle.

Having three children is a blessing, but having to fight for each one in a divorce process is a nightmare. Namely, according to the press, his wife Alejandra wanted to move from Phoenix AZ to Los Angeles California. Steve did not want to have his kids raised in Los Angeles, and so he fought hard to change that. We do not know who won the custodial battle, but it is rumored that Steve got the best of it.

Some media sources also suggest that Alejandra wanted to move to Los Angeles in order to receive more money from child support.

Settling a custody battle is never easy. A Salt Lake City Child Custody Attorney advises you to get prepared before you file for divorce, especially if you have children. Child custody battles require a lot of tough decisions, ones that consider both parents and the children’s general wellbeing.

However, when the two are unable to come to terms, the court gets involved and things get even more complicated, just like in Nash’s case. Not only do you have to take your kids for hearings and drag them with you wherever you go, but there are also social workers and mediators involved. Steve and Alejandra have 3 children, which made things just more complicated. Since all the kids were young at the time, it was impossible to separate them, and because of his rising basketball career, Steve was unable to take care of his children on a daily basis. So they remained with their mother, and Steve decided to pay for their tuition and private school, as well as their health insurance.

Up to this day, it is unknown whether or not Steve was ordered to pay higher child support. These details were never disclosed to the public and we can only speculate.

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