Most Common Causes Of 18 Wheeler Truck Accidents

Most Common Causes Of 18 Wheeler Truck Accidents

The biggest trucks on the road are 18 wheelers. They are the kings of the roads, and at the same time, the most dangerous truck you can encounter. One mistake can cause a multi-vehicle accident, with many injuries and fatalities.

Sharing the road with 18 wheelers is not easy, but it is something that we are faced with on a daily basis. Due to their massive size and increased number of blind spots, the risks associated with them are greater than one would imagine.

Here are some of the most common causes of 18 wheeler truck accidents.

Distracted Driving

Every distraction when operating a 70 to 80 feet long machinery can be your last one. A single mistake can cause you to flip, cause destruction on the road and injure many individuals. That is why every driver behind a wheel of an 18 wheeler has to be extremely focused on the road and the traffic.

Distractions are dangerous for any driver, regardless of the vehicle they are operating. Most common distractions include:

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Minor Traffic Violation

Most people believe that making a minor traffic violation is not harmful. However, when operating an 80 feet long truck with one or two trailers, every violation will have some kind of consequences:

  • Speeding – the trucker will not have enough time to slow down, resulting in a potential accident (usually rear-end accidents)
  • Tailgating – driving too close to someone will cause the trucker to become blind, not seeing the car below him. If the car stops, an accident will occur.
  • Failure to use proper signalization – switching lanes is extremely dangerous, especially when towing more than one trailer. If the trucker does not use proper signalization when switching lanes, the cars behind the truck may start overtaking the truck, resulting in a horrible accident.

Every distraction can be the driver’s last one. Keep that in mind while on the road.


When the trailer being pulled by the 18 wheeler skids forward (giving the impression of a folding pocket knife), this is called Jackknifing. Every big truck has the risk of jackknifing, especially those who are pulling more than 1 trailer.

Jackknifing usually happens due to:

  • Poor road conditions
  • Ice on the road
  • Faulty equipment
  • Improper braking procedures
  • Speeding and then braking instantly

Most trucks are equipped with devices that serve as a countermeasure against jackknifing, but these devices do not guarantee a 100 percent success rate.

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