Miami Heat Player Escapes Car Accident Lawsuit

Miami Heat Player Escapes Car Accident Lawsuit

Perhaps no athlete personifies South Florida more than Miami Heat player Udonis Haslem. Born and raised in Miami, Haslem has spent his entire NBA career playing for his hometown team. He is the only current member of the Heat to play for all three of the franchise’s NBA championship teams. But when the man known as “Mr. 305” crossed the county line, he found himself in trouble when he was involved in a car accident in Coral Springs. According to court records, a lawsuit against Haslem and his wife Faith Rein was dismissed after his attorneys accused the plaintiff of lying about her injuries.

The accident occurred back in May 2013 when Haslem’s wife crashed the couple’s Mercedes into a vehicle driven by plaintiff Ana Rodriguez on West Atlantic Boulevard. Haslem was in the passenger’s seat. It appeared the NBA star was in trouble when he failed to show up for a deposition, bringing contempt of court charges. To make matters worse, Rodriguez claimed she was disfigured due to head, neck and back injuries suffered in the car accident. She underwent surgery four months after the accident. However, there were some holes in Rodriguez’s story. According to court reports, she “engaged in intentional misrepresentations about her prior medical history and accident” when the complaint was filed. Rodriguez claimed she had never been involved in a car accident before. But during her deposition, she admitted to being in a crash in 2000 and suffered spinal injuries. Haslem’s attorneys later discovered Rodriguez was involved in another car accident in 1993.

Miami car accident victims must prove negligence

Car accidents happen far too frequently in South Florida. When a person has suffered injuries due to negligence from another driver, they are entitled to receive proper compensation to cover their medical bills, damages, lost wages along with their pain and suffering. But it is also important for people to be honest and fully cooperate with the police, law enforcement officials and comply with the legal process. Haslem and his wife were extremely fortunate Ana Rodriguez was not forthcoming about her accident history

How a Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer can help

Many people who are involved in car accidents are not aware of their rights. When a person has suffered injuries in a wreck, it can be difficult to have the presence of mind to make good decisions. The first important rule is to never discuss anything with the other driver, other than exchanging insurance information. Avoid any other forms of communication. Even if the accident is your fault, never admit guilt. Let the police officers make that determination. Be sure to take any photos or video of damage to your vehicle and the accident scene. Should your case go to court, it can be used as visual evidence. It can also become useful to properly process your insurance claim.

As experienced car accident attorneys, the legal team at Vladimir Tsirkin & Associates, P.A. are committed to always looking after the best interests of each client. When it comes to personal injury law, experience matters. To learn more on how a Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer can help, call today to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.