Make your Co-Parenting Smooth with an Attorney

Make your Co-Parenting Smooth with an Attorney

Many couples end up divorcing after some years of marriage. The reasons can vary from couple to couple, but one thing is certain – if there are children involved, the best way to protect your children is to establish co-parenting.

Did you know that on average, 1 out of 4 marriages ends in divorce? Statistically, the number of divorces has drastically increased since 2010. Perhaps the same fate awaits you.

Prepare yourself ahead of time. Make your relationship with your ex-spouse smooth, and provide your children with both parents and the attention they deserve. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Encourage the Child’s Relationship with the Other Parent

Believe it or not, but the best way to co-parent a child is to by joining forces with your ex-spouse. Yes, it does sound contrary to divorce, but you are doing this for your own child. If you and your ex-spouse respect each other, talk only positive things about each other and encourage the child to spend more time with the other parent, you will both gain a child’s affection.

Replace Negative with Positive

When talking with your child about your marriage or your ex-spouse, choose words carefully. Instead of talking about your failed marriage or the reasons why it happened, talk about how you care and love your ex-spouse and how great of a person he/she is. Never diminish the other parent in your child’s eyes. Show them love and unlimited support.

In some rare cases, the other parent may say some bad things about you. If that ever happens, consult with them and see the reason behind it. If you cannot reason with them, consider speaking with Salt Lake City Child Custody Attorney. Hear what they have to say, and listen to their advice. You don’t realize it yet, but perhaps you could use this situation to win over the custody of your child.

Cooperate With your Ex-Spouse

Often you will come in conflict with your ex-spouse regarding your child’s upbringing. Try and solve every conflict peacefully by speaking with your ex-spouse. Find common ground and a way to communicate without causing any drama or problems. Don’t involve any past actions into the conversation, and keep the air clean and friendly.

Encourage your child to trust your ex-spouse. Your child’s needs come in the first place now, so you have to make sure the child receives all the attention it requires. Be kind and forgiving, and above all be reasonable.

Set Boundaries

Don’t spoil your child by trying to compensate for the trauma caused by divorce. Enforce discipline, learn your child to respect basic life values and teach your child to be caring and loving. If you see that your child starts building an emotional barrier, tear it down and give your child all the love you have. Your child needs it now more than ever.

Speak with an experienced family law attorney at Emy A. Cordano, Attorney at Law and learn about Family Law. If you and your spouse cannot come to terms, perhaps you have to set boundaries for your ex-spouse as well. Speak with Emy Cordano today, schedule your initial consultation and receive proper legal guidance.