Los Angeles Car Accident Settlements And Verdicts

Los Angeles Car Accident Settlements And Verdicts

Following a car accident, it is extremely important to take the following measures to ensure that you are able to receive a settlement for your damages:

  • Inform the police
  • Call the ambulance
  • Get treated by a doctor
  • Help the police craft a police report (and request a copy of it)
  • Take photographs of the scene of the accident (if you are able to)
  • Get contact information from the eyewitnesses
  • Call your attorney

Once you have done these things, you will immediately have a foundation set for your car accident claim. The next step is letting your attorney investigate the case and finding evidence to prove that the other party’s negligence caused the accident.

But Who is Responsible For Causing the Accident?

In most cases, the most important part is proving negligence or finding the one responsible for causing the accident. As easy as that may sound, it is probably the most difficult part. After a thorough investigation, your attorney will try and recreate the event in order to determine how ti came to be and who caused it. Sometimes, both parties may be partially at fault, and in other cases, only one party is responsible.

If proven that the party who caused the accident was negligent at a time, distracted or not paying enough attention to the road and traffic, that party will be held responsible and will have to answer for all the damages and injuries caused by the accident.

If the at-fault party had insurance, the insurance company will approach the victim and offer a settlement.

Is it Good Enough?

Is the initial settlement offered by the insurance company worth accepting? In most cases, it is not. Car Accident Attorney in Los Angeles has experienced many cases where the insurance company simply didn’t offer a good deal. They were forced to negotiate the case, which leads to several more months being spent on it, which finally lead to the case going to trial as the parties couldn’t agree on the settlement.

If you believe that you are a victim of a car accident and the insurance company doesn’t want to offer you a fair deal, don’t hesitate to take the case to trial.

By default, you are entitled to receive compensation for the following:

  • Your injuries
  • Your medical costs
  • Damage to your property
  • Pain and suffering *in some cases

Speak with your attorney to learn more about compensations coming from a car accident claim.

Time It Takes To Settle

Usually, every car accident case lasts between 6 and 18 months. One and a half year may pass before the victim receives the settlement. If the accident was a rear-end collision without any injuries, the case may end sooner, up to 6 months. However, more complicated injuries and collisions require more time to be solved. If the case goes to trial, add another 3 to 6 months to the total length.

If you don’t have a legal representative and you find yourself involved in a car accident, Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney at the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg is at your service. Don’t hesitate to give him a call.