How Long will a Car Accident Claim Settlement Take?

How Long will a Car Accident Claim Settlement Take?

The most common question after a car accident is: How long until I receive my settlement? Even in cases where it is clear who is a victim and who is the one responsible for causing the accident, it takes quite some time before the case is processed and settled (whether by a mutual agreement or through court).

Those who get involved in such an accident usually want to leave the past behind them. They want to move on and deal with it as quickly as possible. However, that cannot be done in the blink of an eye. There are procedures that have to be done and papers that have to be triple checked. Once everything is done and completed, the victim of the accident will receive the compensation he or she fought for.

But how long does the process take to finish? Normally between 8 and 18 months, and here is why.

Many Factors Influence The Duration

Before the process can be finished, it first has to start. Once the victim of the accident receives medical treatment, finishes their treatments and receives a total medical bill, they will have something to work with in terms of negotiating a deal.

In most cases where an attorney is present, the victim will never settle for less than what they deserve. Without an attorney, the chances are that they will settle for anything as they have no idea what to expect.

If you don’t have an attorney and have been in a car accident, you should immediately contact one. Feel free to give the Car Crash Lawyers in Los Angeles at Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg, a call and schedule your initial free consultation. They will quickly evaluate your situation and let you know what you can expect. Once you get the information you need, you can point your claim in the right direction.

Things that can affect the duration of the process are:

  • Communication between you and the insurance company
  • The value of your case
  • Mutual agreement (if the case goes to court, expect at least another 6 months before the case can settle)
  • A lawsuit

All of these factors contribute to the time of your case. The more complicated things get, the longer it will take for the case to settle. There is no quick way around it (unless you settle for the initial offer, in which case you will not receive the full value of your claim, but will settle the case fairly quick).

Attorneys Can Speed Up The Process

If you are representing yourself, expect the case to last as long as the law allows it. There are many downsides to not having an attorney by your side. Besides waiting longer for your claim to settle, you will most likely receive a much lower final settlement.

Only an attorney can help you receive the highest compensation possible. They charge on contingency – if your case is successful, they will receive a previously agreed percentage. Otherwise, you won’t have any expenses. Contact the Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys from Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg right after the accident happens, and they will help you receive the settlement in a timely manner within the law.