Learn about your Legal Rights to Protect Yourself after a Motorcycle Accident

Learn about your Legal Rights to Protect Yourself after a Motorcycle Accident

After getting involved in a motorcycle accident, you have to take certain actions to ensure that your legal rights are fully protected. In order to be able to file a successful claim against the person whose negligence caused the accident to happen in the first place, you need to ensure that you do everything according to the law and thus increase your chances of getting the compensation you seek.

While most people make the same mistakes, we want to focus on the things you should do immediately following an accident. Here is a list of all those things and the reasons why you should do them as quickly as you can.

Call The Police

The first thing you should always do is call the police. If the other party does not want to wait for them to arrive, take out your phone and snap a few pictures. Try and aim for:

  • Their license plate number
  • Car model
  • Driver’s face
  • Damage to your vehicle
  • Injuries you sustained

If the driver remains on the scene, try and take the same images and exchange information with the driver while you wait for the police and the ambulance to arrive.

Assuming there are eyewitnesses on the scene, take their information and say that they may be called in to testify.

When the police arrive, help them create a report. Always ask for a copy of it, as it is your legal right to have one. Forward the copy later to your attorney.

If you do not have an attorney, contact a Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Attorney immediately, tell them what is going on and seek their help.

Visit The Ambulance

Probably the biggest mistake most people make after an accident is staying away from the hospital. It doesn’t matter how you feel or if you are injured or not, you may have suffered a concussion or other injuries that cannot be seen yet. Worst case scenario, you have internal bleeding or have started developing a condition that will manifest at a later date.

For that reason, you need to visit the hospital, get checked by a doctor and ensure that everything is alright. After that, the doctor will write a report and it is your legal right to ask for a copy of it. Just like with the police report, forward it to your attorney.

Do Not Sign Anything Without Your Attorney Present

If you are contacted by the insurance adjusters, you may be asked to “sign a recorded statement” or any other paper. You should know that you have the right to remain silent, and the right to call your attorney before you sign anything.

Once you put your signature on that piece of paper, it is already too late. Always call your attorney and have him inspect the document before you sign it.

Your communication with your attorney is crucial at this time. You have a legal right to call your attorney before you do anything that is case-related. Use that to your own advantage, and ensure that you always have a legal backup.

In case you do not have an attorney, Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Philadelphia is at your disposal and one phone call away. Schedule your free consultation today and learn more about your legal rights and how to enforce them properly.