Is Your Landlord Liable for Injury on Rental Property?

Is Your Landlord Liable for Injury on Rental Property?

All landlords are usually responsible for keeping their rental properties well maintained and safe. This includes repairing broken fences, fixing broken locks, raising the fence, helping with the property’s electrical installations and the plumbing system.

But what happens if the tenants get injured while on the rented property? Who is responsible, and can the landlord be held responsible for this accident?

Duty of “Reasonable” Care

Every landlord is responsible for taking care of their own property. When the property is rented to someone, the landlord still has the same responsibilities even though another family is living in the property or using it for their own purposes. The landlord has to maintain the entrance, clean the ice and snow, mend the broken fence, and do everything else previously mentioned.

If there is any type of negligence, it could result in someone getting injured. And once someone gets injured, they may sue the landlord for not properly maintaining the property.

This is a tricky situation, but there are ways of obtaining compensation for all the injuries suffered from the accident.

A Pittsburgh premises liability attorney at Shenderovich, Shenderovich & Fishman advises you to schedule a free consultation if you have been injured in order to determine how the accident happened, what caused it and who is responsible for it. After the initial consultation, their attorneys will determine if it was your fault for the accident, or if your landlord was the one actually responsible for the accident.

If there is a legal basis for a claim, the attorneys will help you file it and secure your compensation.

Negligence Per Se

There are many situations where the landlord could be held responsible for the accidents that occurred on their property. However, in situations where the landlord broke the law and put the tenants in danger, it is called negligence per se. One such example is not installing the smoke alarm in the property. If the tenant can prove that the landlord failed to install or refused to install the smoke alarm, in case there is a fire, the landlord will be held responsible for all the damages to both the tenants and the property.

The court will find that the landlord was negligent based on the fact that he or she refused to install smoke alarms, which could have prevented the accident or warn the tenants of a potentially deadly situation.


The landlord can be held responsible for:

  • Physical injuries (which resulted from the landlord’s lack of care or failure to adequately maintain the property)
  • Criminal acts

If the neighborhood is dangerous and the landlord failed to provide door locks or raise the fence around the property, he or she may be held responsible if someone comes in and steals anything from the tenants.

Call premises liability attorney in Pittsburgh immediately if you believe that your landlord is responsible for anything that has happened to you recently. Their attorneys will help you file a lawsuit and help you regain compensation for any injuries that you suffered or belongings lost as a result of your landlord’s negligence.