Involved in a Motorcycle Accident: What Next?

Involved in a Motorcycle Accident: What Next?

Following a motorcycle accident, after you have realized what is going on and accepted the fact that it happened and there is no going back, you should do your best to approach the accident logically. This means that you should be realistic about it, and expect stress and anxiety in the days to come.

If you ended up with life-changing injuries, you should try and accept the fact that things will never be the same. This is probably the hardest part, as one can never easily accept changes, especially those that have a negative impact on one’s life.

But, there are a few things that you should always do right after the accident.

Call the Police and the Ambulance

If you are able to, take out your phone and call the police as soon as you get back on your feet. Assuming that you are able to, go help the other party leave their vehicle and get to safety and off the road.

Note: just because you called the police, it does not mean that you are responsible for causing the accident.

However, if you believe that the accident was caused by the other party, you should get an attorney. Do not have one on speed dial? Not a problem, as motorcycle accident attorneys in Miami at Colson Hicks Eidson are always on stand by and ready to help people in need. Give them a call, and when offered, schedule a free consultation to learn more about your rights.

Take a Few photos

Again, if you are able to move freely, use your phone to snap a few photos of the scene. Things that you should photograph include:

  • Your motorcycle
  • Your injuries
  • The other vehicle involved (type, license plate, model)
  • Surrounding area
  • Traffic signs nearby
  • Whole scene from a few different angles

Photos are considered as valid evidence in almost every accident case. Having them will help your case and help your attorney when filing your claim.

Move Your Bike Off The Road

If you have enough strength left in you, try and get your bike off the road. If you cannot do it alone, ask people around you to help you move it. Keep in mind that the approaching drivers have no clue that there has been an accident ahead, and they could end up slamming into you or your motorcycle. This is extremely dangerous if the accident occurred at night, as visibility is extremely low and you could be held responsible if an approaching car hits your motorcycle and causes additional accidents.

Always get legal help in situations like this one. Regardless of what you think and who you think is responsible for causing the accident until your attorney tells you for sure, do not give up. There is always a chance to obtain compensation for your injuries and damages. Consult with Miami Motorcycle Accident Attorneys at Colson Hicks Eidson right after the accident to increase your chances of filing a successful claim.