Importance of Getting Report after your Motorcycle Accident

Importance of Getting Report after your Motorcycle Accident

Following a motorcycle accident, regardless of whether or not you got injured, you should always take the following steps to maximize your odds of obtaining the rightful compensation for your damages:

  • Call the police
  • See a doctor
  • Talk to your attorney

There are several reasons why you should do everything mentioned above:

  • The police will come to the scene and write a report
  • The doctor will check you for any injuries and write a medical report, which you can later use as evidence proving that you sustained injuries from the accident
  • Your attorney will help guide you through the process and give you all the information you need

Main Evidence

After an accident, it may be hard for the investigators to “find the evidence” that it was the other party’s fault for causing the accident. Some cases are extremely complicated, especially when more than one party is involved. In such cases, having a police report is crucial for the investigation.

Every experienced Virginia motorcycle accident attorney will tell you that calling the police is both the right thing to do and the most important thing that you should do after an accident. Be sure to schedule a free consultation and receive a free case evaluation as quickly as possible.

Evidence of Damage

If you forgot to take photographs of the scene after the accident or were unable to do so, you can use a copy of the police report to prove damages to your vehicle, as well as your injuries. The police report will contain all the information your attorney needs to set up a strong foundation for your case and help you obtain compensation for your damages.

Be sure to speak with the police right after the accident: tell them everything you know about the accident, how it came to be, what caused it, who was responsible for it, and try and be as honest and concise as possible.

Witness Information

Another important thing that could be written in the police report and that could benefit your case greatly is the witness information. This involves:

  • Personal information of all the witnesses
  • Their statements

Once you have a witness statement, it is easy to prove that you were:

  • Wearing a protective helmet
  • Riding in the right lane
  • Merging properly
  • Using proper signalization
  • Obeying the traffic laws

Witness statements are very important evidence for every case that goes to trial. If you are unharmed after an accident or waiting for the police and ambulance to arrive, take a moment and speak with any witnesses on the scene and ask them for their personal and contact information. After that, call the motorcycle accident attorneys in Virginia from Randall Page, P.C., and let them help you with your case, and with the negotiations with the insurance company.