I Was Hit by a Car, What Are The Next Steps?

I Was Hit by a Car, What Are The Next Steps?

Philadelphia is notorious for having a high number of car accidents each year. Sometimes, the accident is between two vehicles, and in other cases, there are pedestrians or cyclists involved. If you got hit by a car, you should know that you may be eligible to take certain actions against the person responsible for causing the accident. That is of course if it wasn’t your fault.

However, even if it was your fault, Car Accident Attorneys in Philadelphia advise you to never admit guilt. Here is what you should do if you were involved in a car accident.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Regardless of whether you have a head injury, or believe to be absolutely fine yet your hands are shaking, you should seek medical assistance. The chances are that you may have an injury which may develop or show in a few hours or days, and disregarding to check your body could cost you the ultimate price.

In most situations, victims of a car accident are under a lot of adrenaline, which may mask their serious physical injury. Do not make the most common mistake; call the ambulance, and get treated right on the spot or taken to the hospital for further treatments.

Note: do not worry about the medical bills. We understand that a lot of people refuse to call an ambulance due to expensive fees and potential over-the-roof medical bills. Your life comes first, and you can deal with medical bills later.

Get All The Information Needed

If you are capable of speaking and moving around after the accident, try and keep the other driver on the scene until the police arrive. Take their information, their insurance information, and if you can, take photos of the accident:

  • The cars involved
  • Damages to your vehicle
  • Damages you sustained
  • The other person’s license plate number
  • Where the accident happened(location)

If there are any witnesses on the spot, be sure to take their personal information as well in order to contact them and have them testify on behalf of what they have seen. You never know it, but this may be the one evidence you need to win the case and receive the settlement for the damages done to you and your vehicle.

Be as Thorough When Speaking With The Police

When the police arrive on the scene, be as thorough and concise as possible and don’t forget any of the details surrounding the accident. Your attorney will later use that report as a supporting evidence in your case.

If you don’t have an attorney already, it is essential that you hire one to handle the legal aspect of your situation. For that reason, we suggest getting in touch with one of our Philadelphia Car Accident Attorneys as quickly as you can in order to receive proper legal care. All you have to do is give us a call and schedule your free consultation with one of our available attorneys. Before you know it, you will have someone working on your case.

The next time you find yourself in a car accident, you will know what to do. Be smart and think about your future.