How to Get Workers Compensation for Dental Work?

How to Get Workers Compensation for Dental Work?

Every employee who is injured on the job is entitled to workers’ compensation. In California, workers’ compensation is established to protect the employers from legal lawsuits, while at the same time providing the employees with the much-needed compensation for their injuries.

Among many other types of compensations, all employees are entitled to dental work, as long as the injuries sustained affected their teeth.

Teeth perform three vital functions:

  • They allow a person to eat
  • They allow a person to speak
  • They support facial structure

When any of these three capabilities is compromised as a result of a workplace injury, the injured individual has the right to file a dental worker’s compensation.

Consult with a workers compensation lawyer in Los Angeles today and learn how you can file your claim if you recently got injured. The initial consultation is completely free of charge.

Damages Involving Dental Injuries

There are many different types of damages involved in dental injuries. The most common ones include:

  • Compensation for medical bills: as general as it sounds, this can include money for an emergency visit to the hospital or your dentist (dental surgery, medications, dental bills)
  • Compensation for time off of work: as you were not able to continue your work as a result of your injury, you will be compensated for all the wages that you would have earned if you had not been prevented from working (2/3 of the lost wages are usually compensated to every injured individual)
  • Compensation for mileage: money for the mileage for trips to and from dentist or hospital can be compensated.

Before you do anything, right after receiving a tooth injury, speak with your employer and let them know of your injury. Also, seek a list of all appointed doctors and dentists, so that you are eligible for compensation afterwards.

*Note: visiting a non-appointed doctor will prevent you from seeking compensation for your medical bills.

Dental Injuries Can Affect an Employee’s Performance

Tooth injuries are usually extremely painful. At the same time, getting your teeth done is expensive. As a result, dental surgeries could cost you your appearance. With that in mind, an injured individual’s performance will normally deteriorate due to stress and exhaustion following an accident. Additionally, the injury may cause discomfort and additional suffering, preventing you from eating normally, doing your hobbies, drinking cold water or hot coffee, and affecting your relationship and your entire life.

In order to continue with your normal life, you have to solve your dental problems. Remember to contact a Los Angeles workers compensation attorney and ask them to file a worker’s compensation claim on your behalf. Without an attorney, you may not be able to receive compensation, and you will be left with thousands of dollars in dental bills. Do not risk getting unemployed and having to pay for all the dental bills caused by your injury. Seek legal help, and let him help you secure substantial compensation for your injuries in a timely manner.