How Motorcycle Accident Claims Differ from other Personal Injury Accidents Claims?

How Motorcycle Accident Claims Differ from other Personal Injury Accidents Claims?

Most people believe that all accident claims are handled in the same way. However, that is not entirely true. Every accident has some unique features and factors and is processed in a different way. A motorcycle accident is one of them. If you never thought about it, now is the time to stop and think about how motorcycle accident claims differ from other personal injury accident claims. Listed below is everything you need to know about motorcycle accidents and the unique factors that are different from other types of accidents.

The Causes

Motorcycle accidents are usually governed by the laws of “negligence”. This means that a person whose negligence caused the accident to happen will be held legally responsible. So, if the motorcycle rider was not the one who caused the accident, he or she will be able to file a legal claim against the person whose careless behavior caused the accident to happen in the first place.

In the majority of motorcycle accidents, it is the other drivers who are negligent. This includes:

  • Truck drivers
  • Car drivers

It is not that often that you see a drunk person riding a motorcycle due to the nature of the vehicle. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, be sure to get in touch with a motorcycle accident attorney in Philadelphia. He offers a free consultation to everyone in need, followed by a free case review. If you are need of experienced attorneys to help you handle your claim, feel free to give us a call.

Different Injuries

Every motorcycle accident usually ends up with the rider being injured. As the motorcycle is exposed to everything, the rider will most likely fall off the motorcycle and roll down the road. Most accidents that happen at 60 miles per hour or above end up with the rider being seriously injured or dead.

Since most injuries are severe and take more time to deal with, the nature of the motorcycle claim is a bit different than any other personal injury claim. For that reason, it may take more time to deal with the motorcycle claim and as a result, the rider will probably receive greater compensation than those involved in a car accident (not always the case).

Easier To Get Involved In An Accident

While on a motorcycle, every mistake will result in an accident. At the same time, mistakes caused by others could result in you getting thrown off your motorcycle.

Every bump on the road, debris, the slippery or icy road could cause the motorcyclist to end up in an accident. The motorcycle itself is less stable than any other vehicle, and there is no barrier between the rider and the road.

Riding a motorcycle requires special skill and experience, and that is why not everyone is “born to ride”.

Contact a Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer if you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, and seek legal representation to receive the highest compensation possible for your injuries.