How to Handle a Miami House Fire Insurance Claim Like a Pro

How to Handle a Miami House Fire Insurance Claim Like a Pro

Recently, home and business owners in Gatlinburg, TN were devastated by massive wildfires that left hundreds of buildings damaged or destroyed and claimed the lives of seven people. Brush fires can happen at any time. With South Florida’s proximity to The Everglades, it is not inconceivable the same thing could happen here. But what would you do if your home is damaged by a fire? How can you tell if your homeowner’s insurance company is really looking after your best interests? You do not have to be a Miami claims insurance lawyer to make the right decisions. Before you file a homeowner’s insurance claim in Miami, here are some important steps to take.

How to Handle a Miami House Fire Insurance Claim

  • Request an advance against your ultimate fire insurance claim: Most people who are forced to abandon their home during a fire are unable to remove all their important personal items, including clothes and toiletries. Notify your insurance company and request a representative to submit a check to your location to cover all your necessities without having to wait for your insurance coverage to start. Remember to purchase only the items you need. Do not count on the insurance company to reimburse you for any unnecessary items.

  • Create a complete inventory of lost items: Take some time to make a complete list of all your personal items lost in the fire. Take plenty of pictures and videos to present visual evidence. Do it as soon as possible while everything is fresh in your mind.

  • Save everything: One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is throwing away any items. To get the maximum settlement, it is important for the insurance company to assess all the damage to your property. Any items not present will not be counted.

  • File an immediate homeowner’s insurance claim: When it comes to filing an insurance claim in Miami, procrastination is not an option. In the event of a wildfire or brush fire, you may be faced with the possibility waiting behind other policyholders. The sooner your file, the better your chances of getting the settlement processed quickly.

  • Document your living expenses: When filing an insurance claim, there is a clause labeled “loss of use.” Your insurance company is obligated to reimburse all of your living expenses while displaced from your home. Include your hotel expenses, restaurant bills, laundry bills, gas for your vehicle.

  • Continue paying your insurance premiums: Here is an important point to remember. Just because you have filed a homeowner’s insurance claim does not give you the right to stop paying premiums. For example, if additional damage happens after the fire, you will not be covered unless your premiums are paid.

  • Be proactive: Do not just sit back and wait for the insurance company to process your claim. Take action and stay on top of the situation. Call frequently. Do whatever it takes for the insurance company to do their job.

By following these steps, homeowners place themselves in position, to receive the best possible settlement. However, nothing in life is guaranteed. The same goes for receiving the proper insurance settlement to cover your damages and losses. If your homeowner’s insurance claim has been underpaid or unpaid, it is time to contact a Miami claims insurance attorney with a significant track record for getting results. Contact Jonathan Korin, from Korin Law, P.A. and take the first step to resolving your insurance claim dispute.