The future workplace – Which outdated rules will disappear?

The future workplace – Which outdated rules will disappear?

There are some obnoxious company rules that will eventually disappear in the future. Who likes rules? Especially when they are useless and don’t improve performance and productivity at work. In fact, when employees aren’t happy at work, they are less likely to produce learning and quality work. Many psychological studies prove that individuals experiencing negative emotions, may lose access to their memory and reasoning, and will feel incapable of making clear connections. So being a bad employer and having too many rules is not cool. They are actually ruining their obsessive dream of being wealthy.

Ridiculous rules

So going back to the rules. Quite frankly, there are just to many of them and just trying to remember them, can block your brain and reduce your productivity. Some rules are fair. Let’s face it; you need some type of structure or the world will descent into chaos. Chaos can be charming but not for too long. But there are some outdated rules such as having an inflexible schedule, no food or drinks, grooming standards, scheduled breaks, dress codes, which makes no sense.

Inflexible scheduling

If you are like millions of Americans expected to be at work 9 to 5, then you know what I mean. The commute can be a real inferno. Unfortunately, many older employers are stills stuck with this archaic way of thinking. Their minds are not open to possibilities and they may not consider switching up unless something major happens such as a dormant volcano erupted or something along those lines.

No food or drinks

This is a big deal for some of us. What? I can’t eat lunch at my desk? It is very hard to concentrate when the steamy microwaved aroma reaches your nostrils. Some people like to get out of the office and have lunch outdoors, a picnic, call their pets for a video chat, or take a nap in their car. But there are always those who make their desks a campfire and don’t need a specific place to have fun and relax.

Grooming standards

Some men think clearer with beards and long hair. I guess it goes in line with their wild instincts. No, they are not trying to be Jesus. Why not? If being Tarzan makes them more productive, let them do it. Just hope they don’t forget soap and hand sanitizer still exists.

Dress codes

For some people, wearing a suit is like being in prison, even that will be more bearable. Yes, it looks formal but it doesn’t mean anything, except spending a lot of money on something you will probably wear to a funeral. Even weddings are pretty casual these days. Occasionally, you will see a few brides wearing sparkle wedding shoes. But wonder why someone will want all the attention on the shoes when there are more beautiful things to stare at? So cowboy boots, sandals, tennis shoes, you should be allowed to express yourself through fashion. Everybody likes a casual work environment. Don’t you? Some people are just too used to a more formal environment. As long as business gets done, who cares if you are wearing shorts and sandals?

Scheduled breaks

Employees lucky to have a break to take a walk, a smoke, or simply go to the bathroom are generally more productive and happier. But once your boss becomes Hitler, you will fall from the Ferris wheel.

Call to the Los Angeles on the job injury attorney if you have been injured at work and you feel it is your employers’ fault. Too many rules may create panic, and God knows what will happen.