Follow These Steps to Represent Yourself Legally after Getting Wrongfully Terminated

Follow These Steps to Represent Yourself Legally after Getting Wrongfully Terminated

It is every employer’s nightmare to receive the notice of termination. At that point, one may feel humiliated and lose all sense of financial stability. This is usually followed by stress and anxiety as one struggles to provide for the family and pay the bills.

Many times, an employee is terminated for the wrong reasons, without being aware of it. In these cases, it is important to recognize the reasons behind the termination and to act as quickly as possible.

Here are the steps you should take after getting wrongfully terminated.

Determine Your Type of Employment

The first thing to do is to define your employment. Usually, on your interview, if you are accepted for the job, you are told your employment status. It is either at-will employment or employment under a contract.

Keep in mind that employees with a contract have better chances of obtaining compensation. However, that does not mean that if you were an at-will employee that you should give up. You have to fight hard and find evidence to prove your type of employment, even those parts that were “suggested” by your employer.

The best thing you can do is hire or contact one of the experienced wrongful termination attorneys in Los Angeles; give them a call and we will offer to schedule a free consultation for you and evaluate your situation.

Act quickly while your case is “fresh” and while you still have the desire to seek justice.

Gather The Information

The next step (after consulting with an attorney) is gathering information. If you are able to, collect your personal file, your disciplinary record and all correspondence between you and your superiors. This involves:

  • Emails
  • Written correspondence
  • Notes
  • Messages

All this evidence will be important for your defense. If your employer does not allow you to access your working computer or your work station, ask your attorney to help you receive a permit.

If any of the other employees witnessed any type of misconduct or mistreatment from your employer, they may help testify in your favor. The problem is that most employees are afraid of losing their jobs. If you can reach out to them, you can explain to them that they will be legally protected by the law from any retaliation from their employer.

Filing a Claim

The final part is filing a claim against your ex-employer for wrongful termination. You can contact your State Agency or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and state your case, along with all the evidence you have provided.

It is important to hire an experienced attorney to help you with your claim. If you have no attorney on speed dial, our Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Lawyers will gladly help you with your case. Give them a call as soon as you are able to, and their seasoned legal professionals will take over your case and provide you with the best representation possible.

Do not be afraid. You are not alone, and you have the law on your side. They will help you to obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve.