Who Is At Fault For A Car Accident Caused By Bad Weather?

Who Is At Fault For A Car Accident Caused By Bad Weather?

When a car accident occurs during “normal” weather conditions, it is easy to determine liability. Attorneys are involved on both sides, and their job is to research and recreate the event, question eyewitnesses and build a case upon it, finding the one responsible for causing the accident.

However, when an accident occurs during “bad” weather, who is at fault? Can an injured driver sue the state for not cleaning the roads? We talked to a seasoned Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney to find out how it works. Don’t let the following information surprise you.

Weather Conditions Should Not Affect the Driver’s Focus

No matter if outside is sunny or a rainy day, as a driver, it is your responsibility to keep your eyes on the road and focus on your surroundings. This is the general rule of driving. Just because the snow has covered the road, doesn’t mean that you can turn your focus from the road. No, but quite the contrary. If the weather conditions are affecting the road and traffic, you have to think logically and drive accordingly. Start by adjusting your speed; instead of traveling at your normal speed, slow down and gain full control of your vehicle. At lower speed, your vehicle will be easier to control and stop if the urgency requires it. Don’t even think about speeding, as you will put your life and the lives of others on the line.

The Key is to Keep Distance between You

Yes, accidents can happen easily, but what you can do as a responsible driver is keep distance between you and other drivers. Instead of leaving that 3-4 seconds of stopping distance, leave 8-9 seconds This way, if anything goes wrong, you will be able to stop your vehicle without sliding and hitting the other car. If all drivers would do the same, there would be no accidents during bad weather. In reality, the accidents are more likely to occur during extreme weather conditions. When they do and if you find yourself involved in one, immediately contact a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney. Let him help you evaluate your case’s full worth by engaging a medical professional. Once you know your case’s full worth, you can ask for a proper compensation for your injuries.

The Act of God?

The “Act of God” defense can be applied in court, only and only when it is the sole cause of the accident. This means that if there are any other factors involved, the “Act of God” defense won’t apply and the driver whose negligence, lack of focus or attention leads to the accident will be liable and responsible for causing the accident. Almost all cases have at least one legally liable driver, who is found guilty of driving too fast or not being careful enough. However, in some rare cases, one may file a lawsuit against a landowner who did not clear his property of snow (in case the accident happened on private property). When this happens, let your Car Accident Attorney do their work while you focus on recovering from your injuries.