Factors That Will End Your Social Security Disability Benefits

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After receiving an injury at work, which prevents you from returning to work, you file a claim and were granted social security disability benefits. Does that mean that you will receive these benefits forever?

Sadly, the answer is NO. Social security disability insurance can be terminated, for several different reasons. If you are unfamiliar with those reasons, they suggest you call social security disability attorneys in Los Angeles today and learn more about how your disability benefits can be terminated.

And even though you will most likely be tested each year, there are additional reasons and factors that could end your social security disability benefits prematurely.

You Reached Your Retirement Age

While on Social Security Disability Insurance, you have reached full retirement age (66 at the moment). At this point, your social security disability benefits will stop as you cannot receive both social security disability benefits and social security retirement benefits at the same time.

So when your disability benefits stop, instead you will start to receive payments under the social security retirement benefits program. You cannot have both, nor can you continue to receive social security disability benefits instead of your social security retirement benefits.

You Returned To Work

If you, for whatever reason, return to work while on your Social Security Disability Insurance, the Social Security Administration will try and determine whether or not you are trying to engage in “substantial gainful activity”. Basically, if you earn more than $1,220 per month, you will cross the SGA limit and lose your social security disability benefits. However, if you earn less than the above-mentioned amount, you will stay under the SGA limit. Note that if you are working a lot, the SSA may determine that your job duties constitute SGA, even if you are earning less than the SGA amount.

In addition, if you enter a “trial work period”, you may be able to work up to 9 months without paying attention to how much you are earning per month. However, after the 9-month period, if you continue to work and earn over the SGA level, you will lose your social security payments.

Also, if you are fully healed and you return to work, you will no longer be considered disabled and will lose your SSDI.

Other Factors

There are other factors that may affect your SSDI benefits. Those are:

  • Turning 18 – children who are receiving SSDI will have their condition reevaluated when they turn 18
  • Any changes in living conditions – if you enter a private institution (such as a halfway house or a nursing home), it will affect your eligibility
  • Leaving the country – leaving the United States for 30 days or more will get your SSDI benefits to stop
  • Medical improvements

For more information on social security disability benefits, speak with knowledgeable social security disability attorneys in Los Angeles today. Call today and schedule your initial free consultation to receive all the information that you need about SSDI and how to avoid losing your benefits.