Some Factors to Consider that could Improve your Chance to collect Alimony

Some Factors to Consider that could Improve your Chance to collect Alimony

Many couples have problems deciding their “financial fate” after a divorce. The truth is, it is never an easy thing to divorce, and it is even harder to get used to the changes afterward.

One of the hardest things to deal with is child support and alimony. In the majority of cases, one parent is usually left with alimony checks, which have to be sent every month for the next couple of years, or even a decade.

Note: Not every divorce is awarded alimony or child support.

It may be hard knowing what to expect, and how or when alimony will be awarded.

Here are some factors that will help you understand how alimony is awarded, and that will help improve your chances of collecting the awarded alimony.

Financial Situation

After a divorce, the spouse with the “worse” financial situation is usually the one awarded with the alimony or child support. This means that if your now ex-spouse has greater income, he or she may be forced to pay you monthly alimony.

Again, this does not have to be awarded in the initial trial, but in some cases, it may be done by the court in the months to come.

If you believe that you should be awarded alimony after your divorce, you should consult with a Salt lake city divorce attorney. If you give us a call before your divorce, our attorneys may help you get the most out of your divorce, as well as secure your alimony. Do not hesitate to seek legal help; be sure that your spouse will get an attorney to protect their interests.

Being Unemployed

If you have no income, and if your primary job was taking care of your children and being a housewife, you should have a greater chance of receiving alimony or child support after your divorce.

The courts support people who gave up their careers to raise their children. In such cases, the court will almost always award the spouse with alimony or child support, to help them continue with their life after their marriage has been dissolved.

Marital Misconduct By Your Ex

If your spouse was being unfaithful during your marriage, you can secure much more than a few extra assets: you can secure both spousal support and alimony and maybe even a few other types of financial support.

The problem here is proving that your spouse was unfaithful. If you have a good attorney, you will have a good chance of obtaining the evidence you need to prove your spouse’s misconduct. If you have no attorney in mind, be sure to check in with a divorce attorney in salt lake city. They have the knowledge and expertise needed and will help you preserve the most out of your divorce while protecting your best interests. Be sure to give our offices a call right before you divorce, so that an attorney can have the time to arrange things properly and provide you with the best defense possible.