Does an employee have a legal right to work from home?

Does an employee have a legal right to work from home?

As an employee in the state of California, you should be aware of your legal rights as an employee. The chances are that you will face a serious situation which may lead to you losing your job. However, even if such situations occur, if you know your legal rights, no one can impose their rules upon you.

The question we get often is related to working from home – is it illegal and does an employee have the right to work from home? In order to avoid losing your job, do not consider it as a valid option until you read through the rest of this article.

Flexible Working Rules

In the past 20 years, telecommuting has become a real thing. Since 1996, there has been an increase in over 20 percent in workers who work at least one day a week from their homes. The most common industries which have a need for telecommuting are:

  • Marketing
  • Software engineering
  • Freelancing

Even so, that does not mean that every employee has the right to work from home. In fact, most employers have never presented this option. However, the option does exist, and the employers play on the ignorance card. Until an employee asks about it, it will remain something no one knows or talks about.

Not all jobs are suited for telecommuting. For instance, if your job is working in the production sector, the chances are that you won’t be given a chance to work from home. However, if your job is to be someone else’s assistant, you may get a chance to answer calls and work from home. Again, it all depends on the job type and your relationship with your employer.

In case you ever get fired for asking to work from home or implying it, you should speak with Wrongful Termination Lawyers in Los Angeles. All you have to do is schedule a free consultation, and one of the available attorneys will explain to you what you can do and how you should deal with the problem.

Unfair Treatment

The fact is that some employers may treat their telecommuting employers differently. Many employees who work from home are treated unfairly; some are even treated like common contractors. If your employer classifies you as an independent contractor, yet you have been working for the company for many years, you have the right to speak up and seek fair treatment. If you are fired as a result, immediately call Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Attorneys and seek their help.

No one has the right to treat you differently than any other employees regardless of your position at the workplace. Getting fired as a result is a direct violation of the law of employment, and you have every right to file a lawsuit against your employer for both unfair treatment and wrongful termination.

Seek professional help as quickly as you can. Don’t let a day pass by without doing something about it.