Drowsy Driving: How Dangerous Is It?

Drowsy Driving: How Dangerous Is It?

Driving a vehicle requires a lot of responsibility. It all starts by obtaining a driver’s license and agreeing that you will never put yourself or anyone else in danger. However, after years of driving experience, you will eventually get comfortable behind the wheel. Believe it or not, but this is where most accidents happen.

If you are spending too much time behind the wheel, the chances are that you will be very tired and sleepy. Drowsiness is the first sign of exhaustion, lack of sleep, and tiredness. If you start yawning, perhaps it is time that you take a break from driving.

Here is why you should stop driving when you start yawning.

High Risk of An Accident

The lack of sleep causes a lack of focus. It can also induce hallucinations, and give you a false sense of reality. If you haven’t slept in more than 18h, it is likely that your brain will give you more than one signal that your body needs rest.

However, the same thing can happen if you exert your body and put a lot of stress and pressure on it. You will start feeling tired and drowsy, and if you do not get some sleep, you will pose a serious threat on the road. The chances of getting involved in an accident are more likely when the driver is sleepy or tired.

Keep in mind that you do not only pose a threat for yourself, but for others too. Don’t put your life or anyone else’s in danger. If you are feeling drowsy, consider getting some rest before you continue to drive, or call a cab if you are about to go home after a long day/night.

If you do happen to find yourself in an accident, consult with car accident attorneys in Virginia. Perhaps you were not responsible for causing the accident or were not completely at fault.

Same Effects Like Alcohol

Did you know that sleep deprivation causes similar effects on your body like alcohol? When your body hasn’t had rest for 18 or more hours, your focus level and your actions will be the same as if you have 0.05 alcohol in your blood. Keep in mind that 0.08 is considered as “being drunk”. Being awake for over 24 hours is the same as having a blood-alcohol level of 0.10. Driving under these circumstances is nowhere nearly as safe as it would have been if you had a good night rest. In fact, it is advised not to get behind the wheel in such a condition.

Most people end up in an accident due to:

  • Not getting rest
  • Drinking and driving
  • Lack of focus and attention
  • Distractions

When and if you do get involved in a car accident, you should immediately schedule a free initial consultation with our Virginia car accident lawyers. Perhaps it was someone else’s negligence that caused the accident even though you were tired and it looked like you were the one responsible.

Never leave things to pure luck, and don’t jump to conclusions no matter how dire things may seem. Let someone else with more experience handle the situation, because there may be a way out for you.