What If My Driving License is Suspended Before the Car Accident?

What If My Driving License is Suspended Before the Car Accident?

People often think that once their driver’s license is suspended or taken away, it is safe for them to continue to drive. However, this is the common mistake, one that brought many individuals to jail or prison.

Driving without a driver’s license is not the same as driving when your driver’s license is suspended.

Here is what may happen to you if your driver’s license is suspended or taken, and you end up in a car accident.

Understand the Difference

There is a big difference between driving without a driver’s license (not having one in the first place) and driving while having your driver’s license suspended. In the first case, you are breaking the law and will be treated for that. It is the same as speeding – you break the law, you are fined based o what you did.

However, in the second case, the authorities took your driver’s license to try and prevent you from driving. If you sat behind the wheel even after your license has been suspended or taken away, the punishment may be severe, especially if you ended up causing the accident.

Even if you are a victim of the accident, you will be fined with serious penalties and face potential jail time. If you were the one who causes the accident, you are in more trouble than you could possibly imagine.

Either way, you ought to hire a Salt Lake City Car Accident Attorney immediately after the accident happens. Perhaps an experienced attorney can help you dodge prison or reduce the fines issued by the state. You will have much better chances of ending up with a lesser penalty with one of our attorneys by your side. Don’t hesitate to call; all initial consultations are free of charge.

Reasons behind Suspension

Your driver’s license may get suspended for various reasons. Some of them involve:

  • Unpaid judgment (from a prior car accident)
  • Point accumulation (once you reach the point limit, your license will get suspended)
  • Repeating Violations (if you commit the save violation multiple times within a small time frame, you will end up losing your driver’s license or have it suspended indefinitely)
  • Serious offenses (this involves Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), Operating While Intoxicated (OWI), felonies involving a motor vehicle, vehicular manslaughter or homicide, leaving the scene of the accident, hit and run, fleeing and evading the police)
  • Driving Record Inaccuracies
  • No (Car) Insurance

Each of the following could cost you your driver’s license. It is important to renew your license or get a new one before getting behind the wheel to avoid ending up in jail.

Driving with a suspended driver’s license is considered a serious offense, and is treated as such,with zero tolerance from the state. Car Accident Attorneys in Salt Lake City advise you to seek their help once the accident happens, as it is the only way to have your sentence reduced and to potentially avoid your jail time. But if you can, avoid driving without your license in the first place.