Distracted Driving Vs Drunk Driving? Which One is more Dangerous?

Distracted Driving Vs Drunk Driving? Which One is more Dangerous?

Most drivers are aware of the dangers of driving. However, no one expects to get involved in a car accident. According to statistics, car accidents take tens of thousands of lives and injure around three million people each year.

The two main reasons why car accidents occur are:

Which one of these two reasons is more dangerous? Well, it is safe to say that they are both equally dangerous, and here is why.

Driving Under The Influence of Drugs or Alcohol

When a person takes either drugs or alcohol, their brain and body become dysfunctional. Even though the person may feel superior and super confident, in reality, they are unable to keep their focus and do many other things that they normally would.

Driving is one of those things. When a drunk person sits behind the wheel, they will not pay attention to traffic, traffic signs, lights, symbols, the speed limits. They will just drive regardless of any consequences. One in three drunk drivers will end up in a car accident.

Keep in mind that these car accidents usually involve minor to medium injuries, but every once in a while, more than one person dies in these injuries.

On the other hand, getting pulled by the police while intoxicated means the following:

  • You will spend a night in jail
  • You may lose or get your driver’s license suspended
  • You will have to pay fines and penalties
  • You may end up going to jail for a longer period of time (if this is not your first DUI)

It is important to contact your attorney as soon as you are pulled over for DUI. If you do not have one, reach out to Virginia car accident attorney and ask for legal representation. After the call, someone will be with you shortly.

Driving While Distracted

On the other hand, distractions are the main cause of car accidents. Whether you focused on the billboard in front of you, or checked your email, or responded to a message on your smartphone, or tried to grab your sandwich, the chances are that you will get involved in a car accident (and most likely cause it). After that, there is no going back. You will have to face the consequences of your actions.

Depending on the type of the accident and the type of injuries other parties sustained, you will be charged accordingly. You could end up paying a few hundred dollars, a few thousand dollars, tens of thousands of dollars, or going to prison.

Distractions are everywhere, and every driver should be aware of them. For that reason, focus on the road while driving, and remember not to use your phone, not to drink or eat, and do not play with other passengers while behind the wheel. Safety is and should always be your number one priority.

Get in touch with a car accident attorney in Virginia if the accident happened and if you believe that it was someone else’s negligence that caused the accident. An attorney will do everything in their power to help you obtain the compensation you deserve for your damages.