Distracted Driving – The Facts About Car Accidents and Cell Phones

Distracted Driving – The Facts About Car Accidents and Cell Phones

The majority of drivers underestimate the power of distractions. They are confident in their driving skills and believe that they are safe on the road.

However, judging by statistics, almost 80 percent of all drivers use or have used their cell phones at some point while driving.

Did you know that cell phones are considered to be the number one distraction? In fact, distracted driving account for approximately 25 percent of all motor vehicle crash fatalities. The largest group being distracted while driving are teenagers. The question is – do we fight their cell phone usage addiction, or do we teach them about distractions and potential outcomes of cell phone usage while driving? The latter seems more reasonable.

Here are some facts about car accidents and cell phones – how they are connected and how does one affects the other.

It is Easy To Get Distracted

You are driving, when suddenly, your phone starts ringing. You answer the call, and before you know it, you are already way deep into the conversation with your best friend about an event that took place yesterday. You may not notice it at the time, but even though your eyes may be on the road, your brain will be somewhere else. This means that you won’t focus on the road, won’t see cars approaching you from the side, won’t see traffic signals and signs, and won’t see pedestrians appear.

The chances of getting involved in a car accident while speaking on the phone are 30 times higher than when driving with your phone off. If you end up in a car accident, seek the help of Virginia car accident attorneys. Maybe it was not your fault and you may be eligible to receive compensation for your damages. You will not know until you schedule your free consultation.

Adjusting The Music

Got bored of the radio? You turned on your phone and played your favorite song. You increased the volume and started singing along. At this point, you do not hear your car’s engine, you do not hear incoming cars or anything else that is happening outside of your car. In addition, music creates a distraction for the brain. You will not be focused on the road anymore and the loud music will cause you to become distracted and potentially end up in a car accident.

Teenagers And Driving

The largest group of people who use their cell phones while driving are teenagers. The same group has the highest fatality rate out of all groups involved in car accidents. Almost 35 percent of all people who died in car accidents were teenagers.

They are prone to texting, talking, taking selfies, and doing other things on their phones while driving. With additional passengers in the vehicle, the chances of fatalities increase drastically.

Cell phones are not to be used while driving. car accident attorneys in Virginia advise you to talk to your children and teach them the importance of not using their phones while on the road. For any other information, you can schedule a free consultation today and learn more about car accidents and other types of common distractions.