Dangers Of Bicycle Riders In Ohio

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The majority of people prefer driving a car as their main method of transport. However, there are those who prefer riding a bicycle. Yes, it is more dangerous but it is environment-friendly and it serves as a good exercise.

But there are many dangers of riding a bicycle, especially in large cities with populations over 300,000 people. Cleveland has many dangerous intersections and bicycle accidents happen every week. Here are some tips that will help you avoid the dangers of the road and help you enjoy the freedom of riding a bicycle.

Knowing the Basics

The state of Ohio does not have any specific bike-related laws. The main “bike law” states that all bicyclists must ride their bicycles as close to the right side (of the roadway) as possible. When necessary, the cyclist could use the entire lane to avoid an object or a collision on the road. However, the cyclist must always stay as close to the right side as possible.

In Ohio it is also allowed for two bicyclists to ride “abreast”, meaning side-by-side in the same lane. When riding abreast, two cyclists are not required to move out of the way of faster traffic, as long as they are both riding close to the right side of the road.


All vehicle owners must, according to the law, have the proper equipment when riding on the roadways. Like all vehicle owners, cyclists have to have certain equipment too. This equipment involves the following:

  • A protective helmet
  • White light on the front of the bicycle
  • The red reflector and a red light in the rear

Some cities have additional requirements written in their municipal codes. For instance, Dayton requires all of their cyclists to always wear a helmet and to have a bell attached to their bicycle (which can be heard up to 100 feet away). If you are a cyclist in Cleveland, be sure to speak with Cleveland bicycle accident attorneys to learn more about the laws and requirements in the city. Or, if you end up in an accident, be sure to let our attorneys know of your problems so that they can help you file a claim and obtain compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering

Other Things to Know

As long as bicyclists are riding within the speed limit (but not faster than), they are allowed to continue riding freely in their lane, without having to move for other vehicles to pass them. If the cyclist is riding way slower than the limit states, the vehicles may pass the cyclists as long as the vehicles do not cross the speed limit while passing.

Ohio prohibits all cyclists to use sidewalks instead of the roadway, and all cyclists who are caught doing so will face penalties. However, once again, some cities may have “special rules” that prohibit sidewalk cycling only in “business districts” while it is allowed in less urban areas. Speak with your attorney to find out about the rules of the road, and in case you get injured and up with an injury, consult with our Personal injury attorneys, schedule a free initial consultation and receive a free case evaluation today.