Some Common Types of Medication Errors Which Can Harm The Patients

Some Common Types of Medication Errors Which Can Harm The Patients

People get sick on a daily basis. Usually, they seek help from their doctors, in the hope that they will get better as quickly as possible. However, most people forget that doctors are just humans, and as such prone to making mistakes.

Every day, there are cases of medical malpractice. People are issued wrong medicine, given the wrong dosage and even mistreated. In some cases, giving the patient the wrong dosage or the wrong type of medication can cause the patient to die, or develop a life-changing condition. Here are the most common types of medication errors which can harm the patients and change their lives for the worse.

Giving The Patient The Wrong Drug

When there is a lack of communication between a doctor and a nurse, mistakes can occur which can affect the patient. One such mistake is giving the patient the wrong type of drug. Sometimes the doctors simply mix up their patients, and in other cases, they simply failed to communicate properly with the nurse. Either way, the patient is given a wrong medication which can cause damage to the patient’s organs or cause the patient to develop a serious and life-threatening condition.

If you believe that you were a victim of medication errors, consult with our Philadelphia Medication Errors Attorneys as soon as you are able to, and the experienced attorneys will help you file a claim against the hospital or the institution that cause you medical malpractice.

Administration Errors

Many times, a doctor or the nurse could, by mistake, administer the wrong amount or type of medication to the patient. When that happens, the patient has no idea what happened. It takes some time for the medicine to act, but when it does, the patient will start feeling differently. If you are a patient, you should always check what you are being given by the nurse and the doctor. If the medication is different, feel free to ask why they are different and why are you being given two or three different types of medication. Once you do, two things could happen:

  • The doctor/nurse could explain to you why you are being given two/three types of medication
  • The doctor/nurse could realize a mistake and give you the right type of medication

If you realize that something is going on or that you have been given a wrong dosage or the wrong type of medication, take your phone and call the Philadelphia Medication Errors Attorneys. They will evaluate your situation, and if there is a reason to sue, they will help you file a claim for medical malpractice.

If the claim is successful, you will obtain compensation for all of your financial loses, including:

  • Your medical bills
  • Your pain and suffering
  • Your out of pocket expenses

If the drug had a long-term effect and made you unable to work, you may also receive compensation for your lost wages. Speak with attorneys from The Weitz Firm to learn more about your legal options.