Children in Divorce: How They Suffer Long Period Effects of Divorce?

Children in Divorce: How They Suffer Long Period Effects of Divorce?

A research done by the American Psychological Association showed us that children who are raised by happily married parents tend to have a happier life, and are protected from mental, social, educational and psychological problems. However, since the divorce rate is approximately 50%, what happens with all the children whose parents end up divorcing?
Those children will most likely face long-term consequences, ones that will reflect on their personalities, their capabilities, and their health in general. Here is how children suffer from their parent’s divorce.

Depression and Anxiety

When two parents are too busy fighting and solving their own problems, children suffer. This is due to lack of attention children receive. In most cases, they end up developing anxiety, which progresses over time. This turns into depression, and the child ends up as an introvert.
Social anxiety is another thing many “children of divorce” end up developing. This affects their social position, fitting in and they end up becoming “socially awkward”. This may not always be the case, but it is a general rule for the majority of children of divorced parents.

Reflects Upon Their Relationships

Years after their parents have divorced, children will struggle to find and maintain a healthy relationship. When and if they enter marriage one day, their brain will remember their parents divorcing, and the child will think that it is “okay to leave” at any time.
Did you know that 80% of children whose parents divorced end up divorcing as well? A 20-year-long study by a National Research Council showed that these children grow up with a fear of abandonment, commitment and they have problems maintaining a romantic relationship.
As a parent, it is your duty to think about your child’s well being before you rush and do something reckless. Divorce should not always be the first option, however, it there is no other way, consult with a Divorce Attorney in Fort Lauderdale and seek their legal help and representation.

Divorced Parents are Bad Role Models

Every child grows up looking up to his parents. They are the heroes, child’s role models and someone the child strives towards becoming. Yet, if the marriage is filled with arguing, fighting and negativity, it becomes a very bad place for a child to grow up in. Those parents who do not think about their children first will end up hurting the child without even realizing it.
All children want is love and affection. They require attention, a happy environment to grow up in and a family that loves and cares for them. As a parent, it is your responsibility to create these conditions for your child. Failure to do so will result in your child developing psychological barriers and becoming emotionally unavailable. Every Divorce Attorney in Fort Lauderdale will advise you to consider every option before deciding to divorce. Think about your children’s future, and how your divorce will affect it. If that is not a reason strong enough to prevent you from divorcing, nothing is.