What are the Chances to get Workers Compensation Claim If I am Injured during Driving a Work Vehicle?

What are the Chances to get Workers Compensation Claim If I am Injured during Driving a Work Vehicle?

Every injury at the workplace entitles you to workers compensation benefits. However, just because you filed a work comp claim, it does not guarantee that you will actually receive them. There are many cases where people try and fake their injuries in order to obtain work comp benefits. For those reasons, the Workers Compensation Administration board careful when approving claims and takes everything into consideration.

Some injuries happen on the work premises, while other injuries happen outside the premises. Here is what you should know about the injuries that took place outside the work premises, especially when driving a work vehicle.

You Have The Right To Obtain Compensation

According to the Los Angeles Workers Compensation Attorneys, every accident that occurred on the work premises or while driving a company’s car allows the injured individual to file a workers compensation claim. In the majority of cases, car accident injuries are not hard to prove as the injured individual is usually immediately transported to the hospital.

Common cases where workers compensation benefits could be in play include:

  • On-call employees
  • Salespeople
  • Nurses
  • Employees injured on and during business travels
  • Injured while commuting to work (while driving through a “danger zone” such as construction sites and blasting zones)
  • Injured while running a work-related errand on the way home from work or while out for personal time (lunch or another break).

Workers compensation benefits for commuting employees varies from one state to another. It is best if you speak with our attorneys and determine whether or not your case is valid and if you have the right to file a work comp claim.

Our attorneys offer a free consultation to all clients, without legal obligations. All you have to do is call, schedule your free initial consultation and receive a case evaluation.

Investigation is Crucial

The most important thing is the investigation and proving that you were doing a work-related errand or doing your job when the accident occurred. The following questions will help assess whether or not you have the right to file a potential work comp claim:

  • Did the accident happen during your normal (everyday) commute?
  • Were you running an errand when the accident occurred?
  • Was the trip for your personal or business reasons? Did it include any business tasks?
  • Did your employer request the errand?
  • Did you deviate from your personal trip to complete the errand for your employees?
  • Is driving a vehicle a part of your job duties?
  • Was the vehicle inspected and in good driving condition?
  • Did your employer pays for your entire (business) travel?
  • Are you allowed for reimbursement for commuting costs?
  • Was any aspect of your trip hazardous?
  • Were there any eyewitnesses?
  • Was more than one party injured in the accident?
  • Were you on a call at the time of the accident?

Speak with our Workers Compensation Attorneys in Los Angeles and they will help you determine your eligibility to file an initial work comp claim. Get in touch with us today!