Can you be fired for any reason in California?

Can you be fired for any reason in California?

Can I be fired for any reason? It’s an issue that thousands of employees in California have asked over the years after losing their job. There are some things you definitely can’t and shouldn’t do in a job, or leading up to securing one, that might put you in the firing line. They Include:

1) Lying on a Resume or Job Application

2) Sexually harassment at work or assaulting coworkers

3) Complaining about your company on social media

4) Sharing company secrets with competitors

5) Being dishonest – breaking laws

6) Breaching company policies – viewing pornography,  misusing company phones and email

7) Repeated poor performance


If you think you’ve got been unfairly fired or dismissed for a prohibited reason on the basis of the following reasons, contact Wrongful Termination Attorney Los Angeles at Rager Law Firm and he will assist you through the Legal Process.


> Race

> Gender

> Pregnancy

> Religion

> Ancestry

> National origin

> Disability (mental and physical)

> Medical conditions

> Marital status

> Age (for workers over 40)

> Military service or affiliation

> Anticipated deployment with the Reserves of National Guard


> Denial of family and medical care leave

> Genetic information

> Citizenship status (for citizens, permanent residents, temporary residents)

> Sexual orientation

The Rager Law Firm is willing and ready to stand by your side during the entire wrongful termination claim process. We have years of experience handling these types of cases and have the knowledge and manpower to place you in the best position to succeed. We can determine the correct route to take in your circumstance and give you an idea of the fight you have ahead of you.


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