California Suspends 21 Medical Providers For Workers Compensation Fraud

California Suspends 21 Medical Providers For Workers Compensation Fraud

The message is clear. The State of California is cracking down on abuses in the state’s workers compensation program. Those who who are caught engaging in unethical business practices will face severe consequences. Last week, the California Division of Workers Compensation suspended 21 medical providers for committing fraud. Since the passage of Assembly Bill 1244, the state has suspended 73 total medical providers for various types of misconduct and abuses of Medi-Cal and Medicare programs.

Common Types of Workers Compensation Fraud

Workers compensation is a necessary remedy to help employees, who have been injured on the job, support themselves financially when they are physically unable to work. Unfortunately, many in the medical industry who engage in fraudulent behavior make the system more difficult for those who need benefits the most. Assembly Bill 1244 allows the state’s DWC administrative director to suspend any physician, medical provider or practitioner from participating in the state’s workers compensation system, including those who committed the following violations:

  • Suspended due to medical fraud
  • Abuse of state Medicare and Medi-Cal programs
  • Any medical care provider operating with a revoked or suspended license
  • Medical providers convicted of felonies or misdemeanors

Among those who were suspended was Christopher King of Beverly Hills, who owns medical billing and management companies. He and his wife were caught heading a $40 million conspiracy to commit medical insurance fraud. As a result of their actions, more than 13,000 patients and at least 27 insurance carrier became victims of their scheme. King has pled guilty to two felony counts of conspiracy to commit felony insurance and medical insurance fraud.

Marlon Songco, president of Rehab Dynamics Burbank, pled guilty to charges of paying illegal kickbacks as part of a Medicare fraud scheme along with two co-conspirators. Former Los Angeles chiropractor Robert Craig Taylor was convicted of misdemeanor identity theft and burglary charges along with possession of a controlled substance and grand theft.

How a Los Angeles Workers Compensation Attorney Can Help

Accidents can happen at anytime. Even the most careful employee can suffer a debilitating injury at the workplace. Businesses in California are required to provide workers compensation benefits for employees who are injured on the job. However, the system can get complex, Most employees simply do not understand their rights. If your workers compensation benefits are far lower than expected or even denied, it is vital to seek representation from an experienced and knowledgeable legal professional with a complete understanding of California’s labor laws.

Many injured workers make the mistake of trying to handle workers compensation discrepancies on their own. A workers compensation lawyer in Los Angeles can properly explain and protect your legal rights and how to navigate the legal process.

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