Best Vehicle Protection Features Can Prevent Miami Truck Crash

Best Vehicle Protection Features Can Prevent Miami Truck Crash

Many vehicle manufacturing companies have started adding new safety features to their vehicles. Over the past few years, there have been more safety features added than ever before. These features are not only for cars but for trucks as well.

Most of these features are used to help avoid an accident, and in case of an accident, to prevent the driver from getting injured. However, even with the latest safety features, accidents still occur on a daily basis.

Listed below are the best vehicle protection features that can help prevent a truck accident.

Blind-Spot Monitoring

Many vehicles have a few blind spots. This is particularly true for trucks, the goliaths of the roads. Due to their sheer size and length, the driver is always faced with a few or more blind spots. However, thanks to the latest technologies, trucks are being equipped with sensors and cameras monitoring their blind spots. That way, the truck driver will know if there is another vehicle in the truck’s blind spot. 

However, vehicles without these features are still more likely to end up in an accident. If you find yourself in a truck accident, be sure to reach out to Truck Accident Attorneys and seek professional legal help and guidance.

Lane-Departure Warning

Driving a truck requires exceptional stamina and mental strength. The driver is required to sit behind the wheel and maneuver the truck for many hours straight. Eventually, the driver may get fatigued and even fall asleep for a brief moment. To avoid an accident, many truck manufacturing companies installed a lane-departure warning, which immediately starts beeping when a truck leaves the lane after driving straight for a longer period of time. This will wake up the driver and potentially help him prevent the accident.

Air Disc Brakes

Many trucks have problems with slowing down. However, with the new air disc brakes, slowing down is much faster than before. With them installed, emergency braking is actually possible without hitting everything in front of the truck and getting involved in a direct collision.

Smart Cruise Control

One of the latest additions to modern trucks is the smart cruise control. It allows the truck to stay inside one lane and cruise at a certain speed. When this feature is turned on, the truck will maintain its speed until the brake pedal is pressed. This will give the driver a chance to rest their feet and even stretch their legs while the truck is safely cruising down the open highway.

Forward Video Monitoring

Many truck drivers cannot see the front end of their trucks. This makes parking extremely hard. Another problem is stopping at a traffic light, without hitting the vehicle in front. With forward video monitoring systems, the truck driver is able to see the front of the vehicle and steer close enough, without hitting the vehicle in front. Also, this makes parking a lot easier.

Remember that without these features, truck accidents are more likely to occur. If you end up in a truck accident, consult Truck Accident Attorneys in Miami, they will help you file a claim and obtain compensation for your injuries. Give a call right away, and the lawyers will help you file a claim in a timely manner.